Business Update - Cressanda Solutions Limited Forays Into Large Potential Non Fare Revenue Services Of The Ministry Of Railways By Paying The Requisite Fees To South-East Railway

Cressanda Solutions Limited has applied to the Ministry of Railways for Non-Fare Revenue (NFR) proposals to render comprehensive services to South-East Railway (SER), that include Wi-Fi, advertising, pick up and drop services and most of all, services of infotainment in moving trains providing preloaded multilingual content which will include movies, news, music videos, and general entertainment through the buffer-free media Servers installed inside ....

8 days ago



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  • The South-East Railway has accepted Cressenda's fees for the said proposal, making it eligible for such projects.

  • This opportunity to handle NFR proposals will place Cressanda in an enviable position in the market, as its target is to serve over 2 lakh passengers daily with an annual target of 8.5 crore and more.

  • Cressenda's Revenue for these services is expected to cross Rs.275 Crore plus per annum, in the initial year.

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