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Pursuant to Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015, please find enclosed Investor Presentation of the Company for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.The investor presentation is also being hosted on the website of the Company

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  • Chairman Message Market for electronic products is set to witness a remarkable growth in coming years with adoption of high end technology devices, technology driven transformation such as increased adoption of 5G network, IoT devices and shift towards major emerging trends like Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Automation and Industry 4.0.

  • We have state of the art manufacturing facility in the foothills of Himalaya at Jabli (Himachal Pradesh, India) serving needs of our esteemed local and global customers.

  • With strong focus on innovation and thrust on customer satisfaction, we are continuously investing in R&D, automation and capacity expansion to introduce evolving technologies and attune our products to newer segments & increase our presence in the global market.

  • We are both backward & forward integrated and are strategically positioned to capitalise on the available opportunities.

  • As a part of our capacity expansion plan, our soft ferrite cores production will increase by 50% from Q2 FY’23.

  • These expansion will increase our soft ferrite cores production to 3,900MT per annum from existing capacity of 2,400MT per annum and accelerate our growth aspirations.

  • We look forward to your continued support and feedback as we enter the new era of Cosmo Ferrites.

  • Company Overview – Vision & Mission Vision “Striving to become the market, product and quality leader of soft ferrite cores in the power electronics industry.”

  • Expansion of production capacity Market leader in Domestic market by installing state of art Kiln in the and exporting to more than 50 Plant in 2001-2005 countries.

  • Key Future Growth & Profitability Drivers Meet growing demand of Soft Ferrite cores with increased capacity

  • Ferrite capacity will be increase from present production capacity of 200 Ton per month to 300 Ton per month from Q2 FY23

  • Moving towards high end application (Top Hat Kiln) With Top Hat Kiln, Cosmo expects to meet customers’ growing demands related to high permeability ferrite cores with an additional capacity of 25 Ton per month Q4 FY 23 onwards.

  • To reduce dependence on imports and improve costs, the Company is working on localization of critical raw materials and will complete this by December 2022.

  • Meet growing demand of Powder with increased capacity Ferrite powder production will be increased from present capacity of 300 Ton per month to 500 Ton per month by December 2022 21

  • - Significant push Globally to increase sales of EVs.

  • 218 PAT 314 490 174 EPS* (In Rs) (Not Annualized) 2.61 4.07 1.45  The net revenue and EBIDTA for Q1’FY23 has increased on YoY basis backed by higher volumes (20%), increased sale of technologically advanced ferrite cores, higher raw material prices and improved internal efficiencies.

  • 54 crores is 1.7 times of EBITDA  Towards the end of the quarter, new Soft Ferrites manufacturing capacity has kicked off operations which will enhance Company’s capacity by 50%.

  • Company has also placed order for a Top Hat Kiln to meet customers growing demand for higher permeability ferrite cores (technologically advanced ferrite cores) which is expected to start operations from FY24 and will further improve sales mix towards value add products.”

  • Key Highlights – FY22 Results During FY22, PAT has increased by 690% YoY primarily due to following reasons :  Improved sales mix (shift towards high-end applications)

  •  Better sales realisation  Higher export sales Particulars (Rs in Lakhs) FY 2019-20 Audited FY 2020-21 Audited FY 2021-22 Audited Net Sales 5501 6365 11384 EBITDA -209 787 2949 EBITDA% -4% 12% 26% PBT -1004 50 1897

  • PAT -1003 180 1423 EPS* (In Rs) (Not Annualized) -8.34 1.50 11.83 Book Value 11.45 12.95 24.83  Localisation  Power cost rationalization  Improved input/output ratio

  • Key Financial Highlights – ROCE & ROE % Turnaround improvement in ROCE and ROE ….

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  • The results were impacted by non-recurring fixed cost of around 1.5 crores.

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Particulars (Rs in Lakhs)Q1' FY22-23 UnauditedQ4 FY21-22 AuditedQ1' FY21-22 Unaudited
Net Sales354433091981
EPS* (In Rs) (Not Annualized)2.614.071.45
Particulars (Rs in Lakhs)FY 2019-20 AuditedFY 2020-21 AuditedFY 2021-22 Audited
Net Sales5501636511384
EPS* (In Rs) (Not Annualized)-8.341.5011.83
Book Value11.4512.9524.83

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