Investor''s Presentation

Investor''s Presentation Presented During Annual General Meeting dt 22-09-2022

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  • With the introduction of our subsidiary, 3B BlackBio Biotech India Limited in 2011 which is also now over a decade old and is now regarded as one of the most reliable molecular diagnostic company in the healthcare market.

  • We have stood strong in the tests of time and delivered the best solutions possible to our customers over five memorable decades.

  • We appreciate and thank you for the continuous trust you have put in our company.

  • Throughout its 50-year history KILPEST has risen to the occasion again and again with hard work, dedication and cooperation with partners near and far.

  • We look forward to the next 50 Years with greater satisfaction to all our stakeholders.

  • Our growth rate has been consistent since pre-covid period and we have been achieving a growth rate of 30-35% year on year.

  • In FY2021-22, the Non-COVID Revenue is INR 265.30 Million which shows that we are going strong on our growth trajectory of over 30% for Non-COVID products (YoY).

  • With our clearly defined strategic priorities, we will hopefully continue to have a growth rate of 30-35% for the year 2022-23 as well.

  • With COVID, the number of labs have increased and we are trying to increase our footprints for NON-COVID products in these labs.

  • We are expanding our footprints in the international market where we are now present in more than 29 countries which including USA, UK, & countries spanning Europe, Africa, Middle East & APAC.

  • Our growth in the international market is evident from the export sales that has been generated in these past years.

  • We are proud to state the fact that your subsidiary company 3B BlackBio has launched its own subsidiary company in the United Kingdom after entering into a Joint Venture Agreement with its European Distributor, HS Biolabs Limited based in Manchester, UK.

  • The technical team has already been appointed and we are currently working to increase the Sales & Marketing Team also apart from the present team.

  • Europe Limited has started participating in International Conferences from which we expect to get more traction.

  • With these conferences, the visibility of TRUPCR Europe has increased and we are getting enquiries for providing distributorships and OEM solutions through which we will expand our footprints across Europe.

  • With enhanced visibility and full marketing team in place, the real benefits of the subsidiary will start coming in the next financial year.

  • Rapid Kit Business & Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Verticals Our Rapid Kit manufacturing plant is ready & we are optimizing the products in R&D which have market potential, other than COVID Testing Kits.

  • We will be launching some novel products in FY 2022-23 which are currently under R&D Stage which will allow us to capture a bigger market segment with better price realization.

  • M&A valuations globally have gone high due to demand from molecular diagnostic companies which are flushed with cash.

  • We are hopeful that scheme of amalgamation would come in force in the near future.

  • I would like to take cognizance of the fact that your company was conferred with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for the 2nd time by the FMPCCI, Madhya Pradesh for excellence in R&D and Innovative Products category for the year 2021-22.

  • Best Under a Billion” in FY 2021-22 for its long-term sustainable performance.

  • I wish to end with a note of gratitude to all our valued customers, both domestic & international, for their continued support.

  • We also wish to express our gratitude to the Government of India, Ministry of Health, Government of Madhya Pradesh for their sustained support to the company and its initiatives.

  • It is their support that helps us to continue building a self-sufficient company and accomplishing the goal of our Hon’ble Prime Minister of becoming ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’.

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