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Dear Sir/Madam, We hereby enclose a Press Release for Wardwizard Foods & Beverages Limited (Formerly known as Vegetable Products Limited) under its brand 'QuikShef' continues its strong presence in Gujarat with collaborations with major Garba festivals this Navratri.

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  • Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited under its brand “QuikShef” continues its strong presence in Gujarat with collaborations with major Garba festivals this Navratri Vadodara, 23 rd September 2022:

  • Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited, the makers of QuikShef, is excited to announce its collaboration with multiple major Garba festivals in Gujarat during the festive season.

  • With the help of this partnership, QuikShef will be able to serve the entire crowd at the Garba festivities in Vadodara with its extensive menu.

  • This will allow QuikShef to grow its client base and enter new markets with an average footfall of more than 20K–40K. Moreover, the overall branding of QuikShef at the Rock and Dhol event in Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Surat as the title sponsor will increase the visibility of the brand and presence in the market, further mounting and entrusting it in the minds of the attendees.

  • Since its launch, QuikShef has been quickly gaining popularity in Gujarat.

  • The company has already earned a loyal following of customers who appreciate the quality and convenience of QuikShef's meals.

  • Through the title sponsorship and the exclusive food stalls, the brand envisions expanding its business by adding more locations and festivals to its portfolio.

  • As the title sponsor of the Rock and Dhol event, QuikShef will attract masses from across Gujarat as it has gained the heart of its consumers through its quality, affordable meals.

  • Because it is a reliable and credible brand of food goods, QuikShef will draw large crowds from around the state as it will be the only food supplier for the Garba events in Vadodara.

  • The flavour of the dishes will appeal QuikShef's reputation within the audience.

  • On the collaboration, Ms. Sheetal Bhalerao, Chairperson and MD of Wardwizard Foods and Beverages said, "We are dedicated to giving our clients the finest experience possible and aim to make our meals their first choice.

  • sponsorship of the Rock and Dhol event by Radio Mirchi will assist QuikShef to capture the eyes of customers in new markets.

  • As a result, the brand will be able to spread the word and raise awareness of itself.

  • We at QuikShef are anticipating a successful partnership with the Gujarat Garba Mahotsav.

  • QuikShef is prepared to advance its enterprise.

  • To make its tasty meals the top choice for all customers, the company intends to broaden its product offering and step-up marketing initiatives.”

  • The alliance will significantly speed up operations as the festival season draws near and provide the way for fresh prospects down the road.

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