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Pursuant to Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, we are enclosing herewith an Investor Presentation. This Investor Presentation is also being uploaded on the Company's website Kindly take the same on records.

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  • To be a leader in the supply chain industry, providing reliable world class supply chain solutions and become the most valuable organization for all stakeholders.

  • To earn trust and respect from our stakeholders and society at large • To offer cost effective and reliable services and solutions • To have a motivated team in a conducive work environment •

  • COMPANY OVERVIEW - Shreeji Translogistics Limited (STL) has today risen to become a large integrated national logistical solution provider in India by providing freight management and integrated logistics solution services to multiple industries.

  • - STL has expanded its goods transportation network across various states, covering majorly the length and breadth of India and providing the goods transportation services over a broad range of distances.

  • Its active users has grown from 2000 in FY2020 to 7000 in FY2022.

  • We follow the best practices internally which led to overcoming the challenges faced during COVID 19.

  • Focussing on our vision & mission, and with an ideology of aiming high, we have shown remarkable growth in FY22 and continue to aim higher in FY23, which is seen from our Q1 FY23 performance.

  • Our regional in-charges were tasked with the identification of newer markets for us and based on inputs in this relation we have started taking steps in the right direction with expansion of our fleet and singling out on locations for our new branches.

  • We also continually look to improve our network density in existing geographies.

  • We are very confident that all these efforts would lead to addition of new customers and help in better servicing existing customers for their business in the area covered by our new branches.

  • On the financial performance front, I am delighted to share with you that our Revenue from operations increased to ₹ 1,665.78 MN in FY22 from ₹ 1,094.85 MN in FY21 showing a remarkable growth of 52.1%.

  • The Net Profit also grew from ₹ -10.27 MN in FY 21 to ₹ 91.89 MN in FY 22.

  • The Indian Government’s increasing focus on the development of the logistics sector by implementing initiatives such as Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Vocal for local, Digital India, National Logistics Policy and Bharat Mala Road Network for efficient and integrated logistics solutions which in turn will bring in investments, business, and consequent growth opportunities.

  • India’s logistics market has been growing at a rapid pace and is expected to reach USD 330 billion by 2025 from USD ~250 billion in 2022.

  • This expansion will be supported by several factors, including the fast-developing e-commerce industry, impending technical advancements and an expanding retail sales market.

  • I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation towards our employees at all levels for their wholehearted dedication and efforts.

  • I also thank all the stakeholders - Investors, Customers, Suppliers, Bankers, Government authorities, Regulators and the management team including the Co-Directors on the Board for their continued association with the Company and seek such continued support in the days to come.”

  • This both types of container loads catering to move was appreciated by the airline industry Features of Warehousing Import and Export segments.

  • market leaders in Bonded trucking business Direct agreement with top Indian and Company has agreement / Multinational companies.

  • Exim Parcel Other USP’s Handling export and Company has expertise in The trucks are constructed of Special Steel named Domex Steel, import containers with handling textiles, which is four times stronger than regular steel, resulting in improved time bound service.

  • Expertise in solar Door delivery of STL’s owned trucks are maintained by AMC’s by OEM thereby projects, doing business consignment since 1983 enhancing overall service and repair quality.

  • This leads to better with top companies.

  • performance of the trucks resulting in lower consumption of fuel

  • The Indian logistics industry has been gaining traction in the last few years and plays a very Organised Share In India's Direct Logistics important role in facilitating trade and thereby propelling the growth of the Indian 70 Cost To Grow At A Much economy.

  • its share is set to remain high for the next few years.

  • Organised players have India's logistics spend is 14% of GDP vs 8% and 15% for US and China respectively eliminated the broker and they are directly reaching out to truckers, leading to improved USD Bn % margins.

  • The overall direct logistics cost should see the organised share rise to 19%, from 2500 16 10%, implying a 20% CAGR, similar to the past five-year trend.

  • Good 1500 8 infrastructure and efficient paperwork keep indirect logistics costs like inventory carrying, 1000 pilferage and wastages at a low.

  • Digitisation presents a huge opportunity for logistics companies in terms of It is a major possibility in transportation and delivery services that products saving of costs and increasing efficiency which can change the industry from may get damaged while in transit.

  • STL was able to successfully implement the program owing to which STL idle fleet has become zero/negligible.

  • The incentive is provided on per KM basis, so more the KMs driven by drivers, more they are benefited and thereby increasing overall fleet utilisation.

  • Revenue from Operations increased by 42.35% from Rs.

  • Total Amortization from Operations 465.40 326.94 42.35% Income 2.24 2.92 Revenue 467.64 329.86 41.77% Expenses excluding Depreciation, & Finance Costs 413.21 288.89 54.43 40.97 32.85% Margin (%) 11.70% 12.53% NA & Amortization 8.07 9.60 Cost 9.40 10.47 before Exceptional Item 36.96 20.90 Items 0.00 0.00 36.96 20.90 76.84% Tax -10.21 -4.28 Years 0.00 0.00 Tax -0.31 -1.05 -10.52 -5.34 26.44 15.58 69.64% comprehensive profit / (loss) 0.64 0.42 PAT 27.08 16.00 69.64% Margin % 5.68% 4.77% 91bps EPS 2.52 1.49 326.94 Mn in Q1 FY22 to Rs. 465.40 Mn in Q1 FY23 mainly on EBITDA account of improved EBITDA performance in across our service

  • Depreciation offerings owing to addition of customers, moving into new Finance markets with higher earning PBT potential and continual quality Exceptional improvement measures enabling us PBT to retain our clients and increasing business with them.

  • Earlier The EBITDA increased by 32.85% Deferred from Rs. 40.97 Mn in Q1 FY22 to Tax Rs.

  • 54.43 Mn in Q1 FY23 on the back of strong demand for PAT logistics required by our client Other and robust utilization of fleet.

  • Net PAT Net profit increased by 69.25% from Rs. 16.00 Mn in Q1 FY22 to Diluted Rs. 27.08 Mn in Q1 FY23.

  • FY22 VS FY21 Other Revenue from Operations Total recorded a growth by 52.1% from Total Rs. 1,094.85 Mn in FY21 to Rs.

  • 0.29 Tax 5.51 1.21 3.90 30.66 1.55 7.47 PAT 91.89 -10.27 15.28 Margin % 5.52% -0.94% 1.38% EPS 8.76 -0.98 2.18 EBITDA account of improved EBITDA performance in business segments owing to addition of Depreciation customers, moving into new Finance markets with higher earning PBT potential.

  • Exceptional The EBITDA has grown by PBT 132.62% from Rs. 76.52 Mn in Current FY21 to Rs.

  • 178.00 Mn in FY22 Earlier due to increased scale of Deferred operations and robust utilization of fleet.

  • Tax Net Net Profit grew from Rs.

  • And Cash Equivalents 44.46 55.35 32.59 Term Loans And Advances 56.75 28.74 24.08 Current Assets 10.22 4.82 84.35 Current Assets 618.56 505.35 449.37 FY22 owing to better financial Long performance and disciplined Deferred financial management.

  • The management expects the revenue to grow by ~15 to 20% in FY23, driven mainly on account of new addition in customers, serving newer geographies, good consumption demand and favourable capex related investment cycle.

  • EBITDA margin will remain in the bracket of 11 to 12% on account of effective utilization of fleet and efficient cost controls.

  • In so doing Shreeji build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country's human development index.

  • Company’s branch at Chennai during the pandemic first wave of Covid 19 were able to manoeuvre Breakfast food packets for the Doctors and Para medicals staffs at four prestigious Government hospital for a fortnight.

  • AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS YEAR AWARD ISSUED BY CATEGORY 2012 Samsung Electronics Best Service Provider 2013 Apollo CV Award Best Practice Adapter of the year 2013 International Conference and Exhibition Cargo Scope Award 2015 India Cargo Awards

  • Best Custom Bonded Trucking Award - West & South Region 2015 India Cargo Awards Best Custom Bonded Trucking Award - North & East Region 2015 Samsung Electronics Top Performer 2015 Samsung Electronics Best Performer 2015 South East Cargo & Logistics Award Custom Bonded Truck Operater of the year 2015 Apollo CV Award Fleet Operater of the year - Niche Application 2017 India Cargo Awards Premier Bonded Trucking Operator - West & South Region

  • 2017 India Cargo Awards Leading Bonded Trucking Operator - North & East Region 2018 India Cargo Awards Leading Bonded Trucking Operator 2018 ACE - South East Air Cargo Conclave & Awards Custom Bonded Truck Operater of the year 2018 IKEA – Transport Logistics Service Area South Asia

Negative 7
  • de-stuffing of Cargo.

  • The over-dependence of the energy, food, textiles and apparel, furniture and fixture, pharmaceutical, plastics company on people makes it tedious to manage regular training, periodic and metal.

  • Increasing fuel rates also tend to be a risk for the transport industry as it directly impacts profitability.

  • Driver scarcity can impact smooth operations

  • On an average 10 to 12% of Indian fleet remain idle due to driver scarcity.

  • Long Total Total fixed assets decreased by CURRENT Short 19.6% from Rs. 202.18 Mn in Trade FY22 to Rs. 251.53 Mn in FY21.

  • Issued Shares 1,04,82,525 50 Share Price (07-09-2022) 299.55 0 Market Cap (₹ MN) 3,140 52 Weeks High/Low 351.95/43.50

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from Operations465.40326.9442.35%
Expenses excluding Depreciation, & Finance Costs413.21288.89
Margin (%)11.70%12.53%NA
& Amortization8.079.60
before Exceptional Item36.9620.90
comprehensive profit / (loss)0.640.42
Margin %5.68%4.77%91bps
from Operations1,665.781,094.851,106.64
Expenses excluding Depreciation, & Finance Costs1,494.571,023.331015.62
Margin (%)10.69%6.99%9.01%
& Amortization38.5643.0941.67
before Exceptional Item98.61-8.7222.75
Margin %5.52%-0.94%1.38%
Share Capital104.83104.83104.83
and Surplus219.34137.93148.20
Shareholders Funds324.16242.75253.02
Term Borrowings124.59181.59185.19
Tax Liabilities [Net]18.5913.0811.87
Term Provisions20.8817.2918.39
Non-Current Liabilities164.06211.96215.44
Term Borrowings243.38222.06187.43
Current Liabilities105.2883.5592.22
Term Provisions2.543.333.06
Current Liabilities412.21367.07326.35
Capital And Liabilities900.44821.78794.82
Term Loans And Advances77.2662.3876.05
Non-Current Assets281.87316.43345.45
And Cash Equivalents44.4655.3532.59
Term Loans And Advances56.7528.7424.08
Current Assets10.224.8284.35
Current Assets618.56505.35449.37
2012Samsung ElectronicsBest Service Provider
2013Apollo CV AwardBest Practice Adapter of the year
2013International Conference and ExhibitionCargo Scope Award
2015India Cargo AwardsBest Custom Bonded Trucking Award - West & South Region
2015India Cargo AwardsBest Custom Bonded Trucking Award - North & East Region
2015Samsung ElectronicsTop Performer
2015Samsung ElectronicsBest Performer
2015South East Cargo & Logistics AwardCustom Bonded Truck Operater of the year
2015Apollo CV AwardFleet Operater of the year - Niche Application
2017India Cargo AwardsPremier Bonded Trucking Operator - West & South Region
2017India Cargo AwardsLeading Bonded Trucking Operator - North & East Region
2018India Cargo AwardsLeading Bonded Trucking Operator
2018ACE - South East Air Cargo Conclave & AwardsCustom Bonded Truck Operater of the year
2018IKEA – Transport Logistics Service Area South AsiaBest Land Carrier – Performance, Vehicle Quality, Communication, Agility, Account Management
2019ACE - South East Air Cargo Conclave & AwardsCustom Bonded Truck Operater of the year
2019India Cargo AwardsBest Custom Bonded Trucking Operator
2022India Cargo AwardsPremier Bonded Trucking Operator
2022CiplaBeyond the Call Duty
2022TV9 Leaders of Road Transport AwardsCompany of the year- south

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