Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

Dear Sir/Madam, Pursuant to Regulation 30 and other applicable regulations of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, we would like to submit the Investor Presentation of Kranti Industries Limited for the 1st Quarter ended on June 30, 2022. You are requested to kindly take the same on your record.

28 days ago



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  • Today, the Company has pulled in world

  • With over 40 years of experience in precision Setting up of New manufacturing 275 + machining, currently KRANTI has successfully placed the Q3 FY 2023 cornerstones of three units across Pune and a joint plant by Employees venture at Rajkot.

  • Starting as a small machining unit, the Company has expanded its horizons to around 7,000 Sq.

  • Company stands tall in being a single source supplier to BSE data most of the world-renowned OEMs in its respective monitoring system industries.

  • In Q1 FY 2023, Revenue grew by 24% on YoY In Q1 FY 2023, EBITDA grew by 56% on YoY

  • In Q1 FY 2023, EBITDA margins expanded by 260 bps on YoY

  • In Q1 FY 2023, Net Profit margins expanded by 126 bps on YoY 6 Investor Presentation

  • IATF Certified Machinist Super Shopfloor Manufacturing Excellence Award 2022 by Global SME Winner - 2021 -

  • Admirable Business In Pune 2019

  • Investing “Ahead of Time” in A Company with more than 04 decades of technologically advanced machines and experience in manufacturing, lead by 2 nd systems thereby continuously enhancing generation capabilities.

  • Strategic placement of Manufacturing plants in Pune – A Well diversified product major Engineering HUB in India portfolio with marquee clientele.

  • They preferred KRANTI because of value based (1955-2011) business practices, precision, sticking up to the commitments and cost benefit.

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    Madhusudhan Gunda2,03,0201.92%
    Sunilkumar Agarwal1,72,8001.64%
    Yogesh Chaudhary1,60,1841.52%
    Bharat Kumar Kankariya (HUF)1,04,4000.99%
    Paresh Mehta90,2520.85%

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