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  • This Business model, SME IPO in June 2018 and focus to deliver the highest level supported by a constant vigil shifted to mainboard in Dec of Customs Clearance services to for new opportunities 2020 our Customers leading ASL grow & evolve Consolidated all business into total logistics solutions under one roof of ASL Started Freight Forwarding Mature as a 3PL logistics New business verticals added, and Transportation services company with strong Essar Petrol Pump in Nov adding branch office in tailwinds in the Marble and 2020 & Ashok Leyland Mumbai, Chennai and other

  • Ceramic segment along with Dealership in Jan 2022 states across India expanding our horizons to New tie-ups, with large newer segments/industry domestic companies in India & abroad to provide full end- to-end logistics services.

  • It is our endeavor to enhance our customer's delight by offering them right solution at right time Handling over ~6,000 TEU’s on Multiple cargo handling experts

  • Goods delivered in flawless condition, thereby providing absolute satisfaction to our clients.

  • Leverage & Strengthen Strengthen our existing relationships further by catering to the Relations with Fleet Owners needs of fleet owners for new purchase, sale of spare parts and servicing of their fleet.

  • Strategic fit to our transportation segment to service our own fleet Cost Saving & Synergies of ~372 trucks and commercial vehicles thereby leading to cost saving & synergies

  • Improving Industry Diversification ➢

  • Over the years our strategy of industry diversification has worked well for the company.

  • We have been adding multiple services and other revenue streams and are optimistic of addition of meaningful revenue from diversified services going forward.

  • Accuracy Shipping Ltd awarded as Shipping Company of the year for 2018, The Award Ceremony was organized In Association with CNBC - TV18 Testimony of Excellence Accuracy Shipping Limited Wins Gold award in Top 200 MSME’s in India

  • Accuracy Shipping Limited won the Award of WCA Best Partner of Indian Sub-Continent 2017 Accuracy Shipping Limited Wins ‘Gujarat Star Award’ as ‘Fastest growing logistics company’ of the year.

  • Accuracy Shipping Limited Wins Bronze award for MSME Excellence

  • -0.3 -1.2 0.2 (0.6%) (3.0%) 0.1 5.7 54.0 (3.6%) (21.7%) Q1FY22 Q1FY23 Q1FY22 Q1FY23 187.6 (75.3%) 154.2 (95.9%) 12.8 11.7 Logistics Services Commercial Vehicles Petrol & Petroleum Products - for Q1FY23 across Logistics, Commercial vehicles and Petrol & petroleum products stood at 75.3%, 21.7% & 3.0% respectively - for the quarter were impact on higher share of revenue from commercial vehicles which started in Q4 of FY22, we envisage the costs to stabilize and increase in revenues will have an uptick in margins going forward - from logistics services for Q1FY23 stood at Rs. 11.7 crs as compared to 12.8 crs in Q1FY22

  • Going forward, with the 4.3% increase in volumes in our sale of CV’s business & increase 1.0% in revenue from repairs and spares business, we expect operating leverage play out and margins to elevate.

  • Commenting on the Q1FY23 results Mr. Vinay Tripathi, Managing Director of the company said: “In Q4FY22, we added a new vertical to our business, namely sale & service of commercial vehicles & spare parts, leading to a healthy surge in our revenues.

  • Going forward, with the increase in volumes in our sale of CV’s business & increase in revenues from repairs and spares business, we expect operating leverage play out and margins to elevate.

  • With our wide range of logistical services and addition of segments ancillary to logistics, we believe that we are on a growth trajectory.

  • We are confident of this strategy playing out, witnessing higher growth in revenues & profitability in the long run.

  • We remain focused on our three-fold strategy of revenue diversification; industry diversification and addition of wallet share in existing customers by cross selling additional services under one roof.

  • At ASL, we are committed towards providing end to end logistics services across the value chain and innovating our business model as per the needs of the customers and business.”

  • To benefit from large scale presence across value chain by offering logistical solutions under single roof i.e. from Point of Origin to Point of Destination Revenue Diversification Pan India Presence with Global Network 03 - Adding new streams of revenue through •

  • Presence across India with 14 offices and more backward & forward integration to than 60 agency agreements across the globe to strengthen our bouquet of logistical 02 04 cater to the growing logistical needs for cross services border transactions

  • Large Marquee Customer base - Catering to diversified industry to - More than 1900 customers across accelerate the revenue & profit industry giving us revenue growth sustainability going forward

Negative 7
  • Contribution from Marble & Granite has decreased from 52% in FY21 to 34% in FY22.

  • Segmental Revenue Break up (Rs. in Crs)

  • 10.6 crs as compared to 12.7 crs in Q1FY22.

  • 7.9% 3.3% - EBIDTA margins were impacted due higher initial costs to stabilize the new business vertical of sale & repairs of commercial vehicles and its spares.

  • However, our margins were impacted due to initial costs to stabilize the new vertical.

  • Due to China – Taiwan uncertainties the supply chain is anticipated to disrupted, impacting our volumes in the current quarter, however we see this as a temporary phase and the situation should stabilize in the coming quarters.

  • Net Cash from Financing Activities 26.8 0.8 Net Decrease in Cash and Cash equivalents Add: Cash & Cash equivalents at the beginning of the period -3.3 5.2 4.4 0.8 Cash & Cash equivalents at the end of the period 1.9 5.2

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Particulars (Rs. in Crs)Q1FY23Q1FY22Y-o-YQ4FY22Q-o-QFY22
Revenue from Operations248.8160.654.9%255.0-2.4%824.1
Operative Expenses175.4130.9176.0629.6
Purchase of Stock in Trade63.012.973.5131.1
Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods, Work-in-Progress-4.2-0.3-12.1-15.7
Gross Profit14.717.1-13.9%17.5-16.1%79.1
Employee Cost2.81.92.7049.9
Other Expenses1.32.414.323.1
EBITDA Margin4.3%7.9%8.22%5.60%
Other Income0.
Finance Cost3.
Profit before Tax5.17.5-31.8%-4.3NM26.8
Profit After Tax2.55.3-52.4%-4.4NM18.1
Profit After Tax Margin1.0%3.3%-1.72%2.20%
Assets (Rs. in Crs)Mar-22Mar-21
Non-Current Assets Property, plant and equipment Intangible assets Capital work-in-progress Financial Assets i. Loans ii. Other Financial Assets49.6 6.6 4.5 0.8 0.855.0 0.4 - 1.4 0.7
Total Non Current Assets62.357.5
Current Assets Inventories Financial Assets i. Trade receivables ii. Cash and cash equivalent iii. Bank Balance Other than (ii) above Other current assets1.9 6.2 78.1 17.5 134.45.2 - 29.7 1.2 105.3
Total Current Assets238.1141.5
Total Assets300.4199.1
Equity & Liabilities (Rs. in Crs)Mar-22Mar-21
Equity Equity share capital Other equity15.1 93.515.1 67.2
Total Equity108.682.3
Non-Current Liabilities Financial Liabilities i. Borrowings ii. Other financial liabilities Provisions Deferred tax liabilities (net)38.5 5.4 0.4 1.446.4 - 0.1 0.8
Total Non-Current Liabilities45.747.4
Current Liabilities Financial Liabilities i. Borrowings ii. Trade payables iii. Other financial liabilities Other current liabilities Current tax liabilities (net)78.9 49.9 0.8 16.4 0.128.4 14.6 15.3 11.1 -
Total Current Liabilities146.169.4
Total Liabilities191.8116.8
Total Equity & Liabilities300.4199.1
Cash Flow Statement (Rs. Crs.)FY22FY21
Adjustments for: Non - Cash Items / Other Investment or Financial Items Net Profit Before Tax26.8 20.412.5 16.7
Operating profit before working capital changes Changes in working capital6.4 17.5-4.2 -24.8
Cash generated from Operations Direct taxes paid (net of refund)-11.1 8.120.6 3.7
Net Cash from Operating Activities-19.217.0
Net Cash from Investing Activities-10.9-13.3
Net Cash from Financing Activities26.80.8
Net Decrease in Cash and Cash equivalents Add: Cash & Cash equivalents at the beginning of the period-3.3 5.24.4 0.8
Cash & Cash equivalents at the end of the period1.95.2

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