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We wish to give the following additional information on the Q1 FY23 financial results published on 12th August, '22. Refer Our earlier announcement no: AHCL/ SE/ 19 /2022-23 dated 12/08/2022

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  • We are determined to hit our growth targets for the year by focusing more on the new formats and new categories while growing in new markets

  • Develop to improve our share in weak markets with core products in the balm category.

  • Continue to grow Exports, Modern Trade, and E-Com channels which have shown growth in Q1.

  • This category grew by 33% in Q1 and our Body roll-on has a long run way of growth as it is only available in 27% of our chemist outlets that any of the Amrutanjan product is available in.

  • We are eager to catch up with demand in the 2nd Summer that arrives in September and also in Q4FY23.

  • Comfy business continued to grow with an increase of 51% this Q1 versus the same period last year.

Negative 6
  • The macro picture: We have experienced a slowdown in the headache pain balm business during this period when compared to last year.

  • The bottom line of Q1FY23 was hit owing to higher advertising spends, an increase in RM / PM costs, freight charges, and post-pandemic sales expenses like travel and annual conferences which were revived after 2 years.

  • We have lost revenue of Rs.13.53 crores in Q1 FY23 which is a drop over Q1FY22 by 25.66% but higher than Q1FY21 revenue by 18.91%.

  • Electro+ plus revenue has declined in Q1 because of supply issues.

  • However, the new line from Taiwan did not arrive in time (due to Covid related interruptions) to complete the installation in Q3.

  • This has caused supply issues in Q4 last year and that has further rolled over into Q1 this year.

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ParticularsQuarter Ended
Revenue from operations7,095.427,821.154,661.854,459.593,576.843,202.363,429.94
Other income301.25273.89204.56155.47132.01130.18113.59
Total income (I + II)7,396.678,095.044,866.414,615.063,708.853,332.543,543.53
(a) Cost of materials consumed2,673.202,663.46694.791,684.041,743.371,342.521,590.01
(b) Purchases of stock- in-trade1,339.601,081.01467.53829.62485.22611.63278.31
(c) Changes in inventories of finished goods and stock-in- trade- 513.93- 364.17970.79-72.07- 430.16- 414.08- 327.24
(d) Employee benefits expense1,210.981,225.06914.47910.82803.73800.03783.30
(e) Advertisement and selling expenditure989.19932.14355.60558.27612.65328.89249.61
(f) Finance cost2.448.484.485.191.7914.195.52
(g) Depreciation and amortisation expense106.7092.0494.8184.9571.8568.9963.02
(h) Other expenses1,063.44828.40497.82704.80624.85744.43598.48
Total expenses (IV)6,871.626,466.424,000.294,705.623,913.303,496.603,241.01
Profit before tax (III - IV)525.051,628.62866.12-90.56- 204.45- 164.06302.52
Tax expenses158.65422.88223.40-20.08-64.36-13.0191.95
Profit after tax from continuing operations (V - VI)366.401,205.74642.72-70.48- 140.09- 151.05210.57
Segment Revenue30/06/2230/06/2130/06/2030/06/1930/06/1830/06/1730/06/16
Segment Profit /(loss)
OTC442.231,338.35863.73- 143.536.27- 165.35355.19
F&B- 143.4685.63-75.228.58- 295.43-90.91- 114.38
Interest Cost-2.44-8.48-4.48-5.19-1.79-14.19-5.52
Other unallocable income net of expenses242.18247.90119.5183.40119.62100.7499.71
525.051,628.62866.12-90.56- 204.45- 164.06302.52

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