Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation - September 2022.

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  • Revenue EBITDA Margin - Over the past several years, the company has developed a strong Research & Development base, which has enabled them to develop, manufacture and export products and compete effectively against global players.

  • Pioneered in division of with Limited synergies increased journey profit.

  • Installed manufacture Asian Paints 10,000 MT with other from 40,000 begins Developed Capacity of of Vinyl and listed (Dry) products MT/Annum to and entered saleable Pyridine on stock capacity and 55,000 Nitrile Latex latex latex and exchanges markets MT/Annum business increased Carboxylated as Apcotex (wet) from 55,000 Styrene-

  • The company has been continuously upgrading their technology through in house research & development efforts to meet the changing needs of customers

  • The company caters to a large customer base for synthetic latex across industries and commands high market share across industries like Paper, Carpets, Tyres and Construction.

  • Provides excellent produces chemical coatings, bonding coverage and additives for agent for cement coating holdout; Textile Flooring, sand plaster on Provides excellent Synthetic Turf, concrete and gloss.

  • Low viscosity grade with Cost effective medium ACN Low hardness rubber grade Linear powder grade excellent processibility, blend for general purpose with very good suitable for jointing sheets, good tack and easy flow automotive and industrial processibility for Hawaii PVC modifications, medium suitable for moulded & moulded and extruded and Micro-cellular sheets, ACN grade suitable for extruded rubber goods.

  • The company’s presence in the stable growth industries like Paper, Construction, Carpet, Tyre and Rubber provides stable growth & is a strong base for Apcotex.

  • Apart from the existing product portfolio, the next generation product pipeline is The company also plans to increase strong to propel growth.

  • Launched new capacities for Nitrile Rubber to cater to product XNBR Latex for gloves mainly domestic and export market.

  • has a strong global presence in South with the purpose of reduction in costs and East Asia, Middle East & Africa and intends to debottlenecking completed in June 2020.

Negative 1
  • It has a high market share in HSR but a low market share in NBR due to capacity constraints.

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Apcotex Industries Limited (2)
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Particulars (INR Mn)FY20FY21FY22
Shareholders Fund2,5133,0543,962
Equity Share Capital104104104
Other Equity2,4092,9503,858
Total Non Current Liabilities349240439
Deferred Tax liabilities5710581
Lease liabilities-11
Long Term Provision293133
Other Financial Liabilities374360
Total Current Liabilities1,1071,2231,648
Short Term Borrowings18984238
Trade Payables4608101,000
Other Financial Liabilities374185256
Short Term Provision51316
Other Current Liabilities79131138
Particulars (INR Mn)FY20FY21FY22
Total Non Current Assets1,9162,3833,014
Property, Plant and Equipment1,2391,4411,560
Capital Work in progress193116386
Non Current Investments334682823
Intangible Assets976
Non Current Tax Assets (net)557328
Other Non Current Assets8664211
Total Current Assets2,0532,1343,035
Trade Receivables8911,0481,618
Cash & Cash Equivalents11710620
Other Bank Balances434469
Short Term loans & Advances344
Other Financial Assets607293
Other Current Asset131160207
TOTAL ASSETS3,9694,5176,049
14.6% 15.9% 12.9% 334 698 486 1,398 6.7%
988 336 8.2% 442 3.4% 166

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