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Announcing the 'Brightcom-Qulabz Innovation Labs' for Quantum Computing

3 days ago



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  • (BSE (BCG) | 532368 | NSE (INE425B01027), the leader in AdTech & Digital Marketing Industry, has announced on setting up a Quantum Computing Innovation Lab in collaboration with Qulabz Inc. Brightcom expects this initiative to power its growth in the coming periods by significantly enhancing its technological edge.

  • Mr Peshwa Acharya, President of Group Strategy at Brightcom Group and the division head for ‘BRIGHTCOM QUANTUM’ said – “Brightcom has been at the forefront of technology over the years.

  • I am convinced that Quantum Computing and its applications will be a promising growth area for those working in Digital Marketing and AdTech domain, amongst others.

  • This is why, in collaboration with Qulabz, we are investing in this area of science, technology, and innovation to ensure that we can develop a tech leap, new IPs, new applications for us and our customers.”

  • We are already in the process of developing reliable, distributed, scalable quantum AI systems that will surpass today's classical methods.

  • I think that this collaboration will open up enormous Quantum Computing potential, and harness the R&D and technical expertise available today and in the future.”

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  • These uncertainties may cause our actual future results to be materially different from those expressed in our forward-looking statements.

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