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DCW Limited is submitting the presentation to be made to investors and analysts for the first quarter ended June 30, 2022,

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  • - Expanded, diversified and modernized its operations with a diversified range of products for supply to customers in both, domestic and international markets since then.

  • o Sahupuram, Tamil Nadu o Dhrangadhra, Gujarat Our Vision: ✓ To Innovate & to Integrate ✓ Emphasis on the 4R's – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover ✓ Enhance stakeholder value

  • We are India’s leading niche specialty chemicals ✓ Diversify in synergistic businesses ✓ To be a responsible social citizen manufacturer.

  • We are an industry pioneer with a strong Our Mission: presence in the Chlor-Alkali, Synthetic Rutile and PVC ✓ It is our endeavour to become a chemical powerhouse by growing in a globally competitive business segments, with a successful record of innovation market with a focus on the environment and community by optimizing use of all available and in pioneering new products and processes.

  • Niche, Diversified Product Mix Moving Up The Value Chain ✓ Diversified product mix of Commodity, Intermediate and Specialty Chemicals ✓ Increasing the contribution from high value, high margin Specialty Chemicals Segments ✓ Sole manufacturer of C-PVC in India ✓ Revenue contribution from the Specialty Chemicals ✓ Worlds largest commercial scale SIOP plant for Red Segment improved from ~0.6% in FY16 to ~13.2% in FY22.

  • No Major Capex Required For Additional Growth Self-Sufficiency ✓ Significant capex in specialty chemical segment over Investing ✓ Cogen power plant with an installed capacity of 58 MW last 5 years to boost revenue ✓

  • No significant fresh capex needed for the next phase in DCW + 12 MW DG sets for backup at Sahupuram facility ensures cost-effective, uninterrupted power supply of growth in the Specialty Chemicals Segment ✓ Major raw materials like Salt, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrogen, ✓ Capacity restoration already in process for the Hydrochloric Acid, Leach Liquor etc are sourced in-house.

  • ✓ Recent anti-dumping duty (ADD) on imports of C-PVC from China and South Korea has helped to improve the realisations and margins for C-PVC.

  • Well Established Commodity Chemicals Player Transition Towards Specialty Chemicals & Self- Sufficiency 2016

  • like PVC, CPVC, Construction sector under long term Caustic Soda are will aid consistent arrangements ▪ Increasing Capacity based on wide user demand for based industries Company’s product.

  • from cheap exports in form of Anti dumping initiatives to give duties and safeguard - Raised INR 4,100 Mn desired throughput through NCDs and Long Term Value duties.

  • Under his leadership, the capacity of Soda Ash Plant at Dhrangadhra increased from 65,000 TPA to •

  • He was also opportunities for diversification and growth of Company closely involved in the implementation of the C-PVC and specifically in the Soda Ash business.

  • FY20 FY21 FY22 Given DCW is the sole manufacturer of C-PVC in India, it provides significant visibility for demand and capacity utilisation.

  • This has resulted into improvement in demand and average realisation 12,913 11,472 significantly.

  • With favourable market dynamics, PVC is expected to drive the next leg of growth in commodity chemicals PVC Business Overview

  • Industry Dynamics - The surge in the demand for pipes in the irrigation sector, building sector, and construction sector has been the major demand driver for FY20 FY21 FY22 the India PVC market.

  • Furthermore, the increased focus of the Government on rural water Production (in MT) & Capacity Utilisation (%) management and agriculture irrigation has supported the demand growth for PVC in India.

  • Recent demand-supply scenario and price trend indicates a positive 105% momentum for PVC segment going forward 75% 88% 94,706 67,771 79,264

  • Company posted healthy ~10.1% EBIT Margin & ~86% utilisation as of FY22 despite industry headwinds Caustic Soda Business Overview

  • 55,730 62,845 72,035 - With the major markets in the US, Western Europe, and Japan being mature and only growing slowly, China and India are driving the growth in demand for caustic soda.

  • Long term steady performance for key operating matrices - production and capacity utilisation

  • Revenue (INR Million) - DCW’s soda ash plant is situated at Dhrangadhra, Gujarat - Company’s soda ash business witnessed robust growth over the last 2024.0 five years owing to robust demand.

  • 1983 - Company has witnessed robust 90%+ capacity utilisation over last 5 years 1787 - Key client industries: fertilisers, detergent, glass, dyestuffs, petrochemicals

  • - Rising application of soda ash in dyes, detergents, fertilisers, and 95% colouring agents is anticipated to drive the next leg of growth for soda ash.

  • 1,02,885 - India already has the advantage in terms of production of Soda Ash, owing to the abundance of raw material for the production of Soda ash.

  • Speciality Chemicals Revenue up by 48% YoY EBITDA up by 108% YoY EBITDA contribution 24%

  • Soda Ash Picks up the SIOP Revenue up 118% Net Debt: Equity at 0.55 momentum and YoY in FY22 versus 0.73 as revenue up by 113% on FY21 YoY

  • Chemicals Revenue CPVC and SIOP remains Caustic Soda division up by 61% YoY consistent contributor revenue up by 55% YoY 25

  • Better capacity utilisations and an encouraging demand scenario.

  • has led to robust performance for this division.

  • Favourabledemand scenario, coupled with the Company’s strategic decisions of tying up with clients , led to strong performance of Caustic Soda division in Q4 FY22.

  • 2,672 2,899 -7.8% 2,959 -9.7% 11,472 With a clear shortfall in domestic supply of C-PVC, the Company has been able to tactfully garner the optimum benefits of this market imbalance.

  • Consistent efforts have led to a positive turnaround of this division.

  • The SIOP’s plant capacity utilization have been improving consistently.

  • * exceptional gain of INR 147.3 Mn on account of profit on sale of land 34

Negative 3
  • Revenue (INR Million) - Pioneer of Caustic Soda manufacturing in India - DCW’s caustic soda plant is situated at Sahupuram, Tamil Nadu 6702.0 - Plant location in the proximity of salt deposits makes raw material 4675 availability easier 3557 - Company has taken cautious approach in production in recent times due to sharp fall in Caustic Soda prices - Key client industries: Paper, alumina, soap and detergents, petroleum products, and chemical production, water treatment, food, textiles, FY20 FY21 FY22 metal processing, mining, glass making Production (in MT) & Capacity Utilisation (%) Industry Dynamics 65% 75% - Key growth drivers for the Caustic soda market are its use in the 58% production of alumina, the pulp and paper, and industry and the textile industry.

  • FY22 Production (in MT) 26,270 24,196 8.6% 26,349 -0.3% 90,697 Capacity Utilization (%) 97% 90% 700 bps 98% (100 bps) 84% Revenue for Q4FY22 stood at INR 671.4 Mn, compared to INR 448.9.0 Mn in Q4FY21; Global Soda Ash market is witnessing tight demand and supply.

  • However, cost pressures kept margins underpressure.

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Intermediate ChemicalCapacity (TPA)Application
Liquid Chlorine36,000Captive Consumption - C-PVC
Hydrochloric Acid90,000Captive Consumption – Synthetic Rutile
Trichloroethylene7,200Sold in open market
Ferric Chloride6,000Captive Consumption – SIOP
Utox1,800Sold in open market
Sodium Bicarbonate21,000Sold in open market
Ammonium Bicarbonate5,000Sold in open market
Revenue Breakdown -By Segments (INR Million)
Segments Q1FY23 Q1FY22 YoY% Q4FY22 QoQ%FY22
PVC Caustic Soda Soda Ash C-PVC SIOP 3,191.9 2,563.8 867.4 588.3 410.9 2,466.0 1,654.1 407.1 433.9 188.3 29.4% 55.0% 113.1% 35.6% 118.2% 3,464.6 1,907.0 671.4 626.1 379.0 -7.9% 34.4% 29.2% -6.0% 8.4%12,433.6 6,701.5 2,024.3 2,152.7 1,075.3
Revenue from Operations* 7,686.5 5,205.1 47.7% 7,072.3 8.7%24,547.4
EBITDA Breakdown - By Segments (INR Million)
Segments Q1FY23 Q1FY22 YoY% Q4FY22 QoQ%FY22
PVC Caustic Soda Soda Ash C-PVC SIOP -62.7 754.6 192.3 173.7 125.4 91.3 249.1 11.0 164.3 30.4 NA 203.0% NA 5.7% 312.7% 432.3 267.1 3.1 195.0 89.7 182.6% NA NA -10.9% 39.8%1,631.4 680.1 (13.4) 698.4 184.3
Particulars (INR Million)Q1FY23Q1FY22YoY %Q4FY22QnQ (%)FY22
Net Revenue from Operations7,686.55205.047.7%7,072.38.7%24,547.4
Other Income22.822.41.8%13.272.7%61.0
Total Income7709.35227.447.5%7085.58.8%24608.4
Gross Profit3653.91991.683.5%3187.914.6%10394.8
Gross Margin (%)47.5%38.3%920 bps45.1%240 bps42.3%
Employee Expenses442.2355.024.6%409.48.0%1,563.8
Other Expenses734.3415.476.8%645.513.8%2,137.7
Power & fuel1237.5625.397.9%1,131.89.3%3,383.9
EBITDA Margin (%)16.1%11.4%470 bps14.2%190 bps13.5%
Finance Costs255.9308.7-17.1%258.0-0.8%1,130.7
Exceptional Items*147.3139.05.9%0.0NA139.1
Reported PAT587.7133.7339.6%477.623.1%1075.1
PAT Margin (%)7.6%2.6%500 bps6.8%80 bps4.4%
Earnings Per Share (EPS) - Basic2.240.511.834.12

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