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  • worldwide 2 Air passage Hotels and holiday packages Others 5 Well placed to benefit from tailwinds in Indian OTA market 180% 28 YoY Revenue Growth API partnerships 1QFY23 vs 1QFY22 with hotels 2 FY23E-27E CAGR 6 : 15% 10% 12% 7% Note: 1.

  • Key Highlights Consistently profitable OTA in India 1 EaseMyTrip operates a de-risked business model Easy to use interface across multiple channels… …backed by robust technological infrastructure to support the expanding business Strong brand reinforced by several marketing campaigns/partnerships Experienced Board of Directors supported by strong management team 5

  • Growing at 75% on a GBR basis in FY2022 vs FY2021.

  • EaseMyTrip offers several appealing features… …that have translated to consistently strong customer engagement 10.3 11.0 11.0

  • FY20 FY21 FY22 1QFY23 Growth in Mobile Traffic Mobile App 81% 87% 67% 39% (%) 8

  • 2.2 De-risked asset base EaseMyTrip has an efficient cost model vs its competitors

  • Diversification into new non-air segments Evolving presence across multiple end markets Recent initiatives taken to diversify end-markets dependency on air bookings - Acquired YoloBus, apremium intercity bus mobility platform • Provides luxury coaches and a smart fleet with tech- friendly operations

  • Acquisition adds a new revenue vertical and enables EaseMyTrip to fast-track its hotel and holiday portfolios …by offering several customizable packages - Partnered with SpiceJet to power their holiday bookings Kerala Singapore Andaman Maldives - EaseMyTrip will develop a platform to provide SpiceJet

  • Easy to use interface across multiple channels… Integrated website and mobile apps with user friendly features reflected in high customer ratings

  • Integrated website and mobile application Strong in-app features Continuous customer focus 24*7 Support

  • 4 …backed by robust technological infrastructure to support the expanding business

  • Growth stood at 87% in FY21 and remained resilient during Covid-19, coming in at 67% in FY22 Advanced & Scalable Technology First company to introduce online chat box for bookings & price alerts Cloud-based technology with ability to scale up as customer traffic, transactions and bookings increase Enhancing Customer Experience

  • 6 Experienced Board of Directors supported by strong management team

  • Indian Travel & OTA Market: Headroom to grow further

  • The travel industry is expected, to be 27% 24% Online broadly driven by development of tourism infrastructure, increase in INR INR connectivity across means of 2,770bn 4,045bn 15% transport, rising income levels etc.

  • Air 54% 59% Ticketing across segments has undergone a change thanks to higher 10% internet penetration, greater affordability of smart phones, user Hotels Rail Air Hotels friendliness of online platforms etc.

  • Online Travel Market (FY27E) Going forward, online air ticketing is 4% 4% 12% expected to grow further as more 13% 23% 12% 19% Buses travelers (retail as well as corporate) migrate from offline to online platforms INR INR 1,865bn 2,980bn 7% Rail

  • Increasing air travel penetration, pent-up demand and improved per-capita  Increasing international operations by Indian LCCs 1 and under- income post pandemic revival.

  • penetration of international trips per capita for India compared to other developing countries 

  • Furthermore, increasing FTAs 1 due to tourism, VFR 1 and business opportunities in India, by 2032, air passenger numbers are expected to  Increasing no. of operational airports across India grow at ~2.2x Source: CRISIL Report.

  • Key strategies 3 2 1 Continue to expand into segments such as hotel and holiday packages, cabs and buses Focus on strategic acquisitions in India and abroad Focus on expanding its air ticketing model globally

  • Continue to expand the non-air business

  • Key growth strategy (1/3) 1.1 Focused on expanding its air ticketing model globally… Global expansion strategies EaseMyTrip has recently expanded internationally…

  • Recent initiatives Launched first-ever international retail office in I ✓ Start listing on leading Dubai in 2022 meta-search engines Expanded presence to London Philippines, Thailand, and USA in 2021 USA II ✓ Launch exclusive cards Renewed agreement with with large international Dubai Delhi ITQ banks Thailand Philippines Mumbai ✓ Tie-up with local credit Bangalore Search engines card companies India Office Singapore

  • III ✓ Adopt cost-effective marketing strategies such as Google Ads, …and has already seen immediate success in the Middle East USA UK Philippines that reach a targeted

  • Global expansion + localized services in new destinations + growing global associations = Opportunity to capitalize the OTA market 21

  • Key growth strategy (3/3) 2 Focus on strategic acquisitions in India and abroad 3 Continue to expand the non-air business - Global –Strategic and opportunistic acquisitions in the Expand into higher margin segments such as air-ticketing space hotel and holiday packages - India –Acquisitions in the non-air segment: hotels, holidays, cabs 28 API partnerships with hotels already in place 1 and buses - Look to acquire controlling stake, with the aim to partner with existing mgmt.

  • teams Entered into partnerships with insurance firms to provide insurance coverage to customers On the back of its growing track record of acquisitions

  • FY20 FY21 FY22 1QFY23 FY20 FY21 FY22 1QFY23 FY20 FY21 FY22 1QFY23  Have witnessed strong recovery in demand across segments  Air Segment Bookings in 1QFY23 were up by 212% vs 1QFY22  Hotel Night Bookings in 1QFY23 was up by 409% vs 1QFY22  Train, Buses & Other segment in 1QFY23 together have seen bookings of 1,60,000, up 132% vs 1QFY22

  • Resilient financial performance in the face of the global pandemic

  • Margins have held up despite severe headwinds EBITDA Margin (%)

  • Concerted approach towards mitigating the impact from Covid-19 - Proactive approach to: • EaseMyTrip - Specific initiatives to leveraged its lean ✓ Reducing discounts improve operational • Delivered ~85% cost of operations to ✓ Marketing costs efficiencies: ex.

  • PAT growth in FY21, increase efficiencies ✓ Employee expenses Shifting towards a despite it being the during the pandemic ✓ Other cost messaging platform- peak pandemic year (FY2021 and FY led customer care 2022.

  • Recent milestones achieved CY21 First Indian OTA listed on BSE & NSE Acquired mobility platform Yolo Expanded operations to Philippines, Thailand, USA CY08 Entered into a partnership with Dubai Expo Founded as a B2B2C portal in Incorporated the EaseMyTrip Foundation 2008 and then achieved CY18 profitability in FY09

  • Television India (2021) (2019) ‘‘Enterprise Excellence of the Year (Tourism and 'Best Air Ticketing Company in Hospitality)’-2016 Leaders Awards from 24MRC COO of the Year (Rikant Pittie)

  • BSE Bombay Stock Exchange CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Tax EBITDA

Negative 2
  • Certaindatainthispresentationhas beensourcedfromtheindustryreportpreparedbyCRISILLimited,whichhas beencommissioned andpaid for by the Company.

  • Reduced 2.8% 2.9% 90.6% 6.5% management company 2Mn+ Hotels listed on EaseMyTrip 1 Zero inventory commitment 2 (excluding Spree) •

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INR mn1QFY231QFY22FY22FY21FY20
Gross Booking Revenue (GBR) (INR mn)16,630.63,567.137,155.921,284.042,047.3
Revenue Amount % of GBR Amount % of GBR Amount % of GBR Amount % of GBR Amount % of GBR
Revenue from Operation (as per financials) 875.8 313.1 2,353.7 1,385.0 1,620.5
Discounts to customers 439.3 176.6 1,649.8 595.7 1,240.9
Adjusted Revenue1,315.17.9%489.713.7%4,003.510.8%1,980.79.3%2,861.46.8%
Other Income (Finance + Non Operating) 38.8 34.4 143.9 122.5 189.7
Adjusted Income1,353.98.1%524.114.7%4,147.411.2%2,103.39.9%3,051.057.3%
Total Expense
Discounts to customers 439.3 176.6 1.649.8 595.7 1,240.9
Service Cost 2.2 0.0 1.4 0.0 37.5
Employee Expenses 97.2 46.1 258.4 210.4 302.0
Marketing & Sales Promotion 103.8 27.6 329.9 147.8 269.9
Payment Gateway Charges 119.9 27.9 247.2 147.7 349.3
Other Expenses 137.0 33.7 192.3 125.8 352.5
Finance Cost 3.6 1.4 19.5 35.3 33.0
Depreciation 6.6 2.2 13.4 6.6 7.1
Total Expense909.65.5%315.48.8%2,711.77.3%1,269.46.0%2,592.26.2%
Tax 113.0 54.4 376.5 223.7 129.0
Other Comprehensive Income 6.3 -4.4 -1.9 4.0 0.4
PAT (1)337.62.0%149.84.2%1,057.32.8%614.12.9%330.20.8%
(INR mn)FY20FY21FY22
Profit before tax4598341,436
Operating cash flow before working capital changes2254761,358
Net change in working capital107504(737)
Direct Taxes Paid(57)(242)(419)
Total operating cash flow275738202
Total investing cash flow(545)(230)(564)
Total financing cash flow642(311)
Net Change in Cash & Equivalents(207)511(673)
Cash & cash equivalents as at the beginning of the year341134645
Cash & cash equivalents as at the end of the year134645(28)

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