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  • 3,985 - On September 26, 2019, NCLT approved amalgamation of DIL & FBL which consolidated FBL's 3,773 2,929 leadership capabilities backed by DIL’s large asset base.

  • 22% - With a rich history of seven decades FBL has evolved as a key global player in manufacturing of 22% Vitamin D3 in all its formats and has a non-China dependent supply chain.

  • Development Excellence in R&D of new – Best Company of the Year - Excellence in CSR Excellence in Export Pharma International product/technology (Runner up) Excellence in Exports Promotion Excellence

  • Leased land at Saykha for future expansion Enhanced Vitamin D3 --- Launch of Vitamin AD2 for Fermenta Biotech Ltd capacity at Dahej Merger of DIL and FBL was oil fortification established with its first Second plant for --- completed ---

  • In 2019, FBL implemented backward integration for manufacturing cholesterol which will cover 100% requirements.

  • R&D - Modern, fully equipped, DSIR approved Research & Development facility complemented by highly skilled and committed scientists.

  • Recent research has suggested that Vitamin D supplementation may reduce the risk of COVID-19 complications.

  • It has the potential to enhance yield and quality of milk, meat and eggs.

  • Rodenticides Completed backward integration to Vitamin D3 Veterinary manufacture cholesterol

  • For over 25 years, FBL is - FBL’s Environmental Solutions provide unique a trusted and reliable source advantages in waste water treatment and of Phenyramidol HCl (muscle management through integrated relaxant) & Silicon Powder biotechnology.

  • - Fermenta has signed Binding Term Sheet with Mextech and granted development rights for construction of residential-cum- Project commercial buildings in the balance portion of land.

  • Internal Factors - Strong manufacturing capabilities with enhanced capacity utilizations to meet YoY production targets - Enhancing control and reduced dependence by backward integration World- - Sales footprint in 60+ countries spread across the globe Class Innovation Facilities - Expanding into value added formats of vitamins like A, E, D, manufacturing in Vitamin K and further focus on development of smart minerals, novel anti- R&D oxidants, customized premixes, pre and pro–biotics etc.

  • Digitization External Factors - Increased prescription market for Vitamin D3 formulations - Growing need for applicationsin the form of tablets, capsules and syrups Quality State of •

  • EnhancedFocus Exiting of non-core business activities and laying long term emphasis on expandingthe Nutraceutical business.

  • Focus to reduce working capital The company’s increase in working capital was primarily due to the increased inventory levels.

  • Capacity Expansion Around 20% capacity expansion for Vitamin D3 in Q2 FY22 with INR 30 Cr investment

  • “The goal should be to raise 25(OH)D concentrations above 40-60 ng/mL (100-150 nmol/L).

  • reduced ICU admission/mortality by 59% and reduce the "If you're deficient in vitamin D, that risk of adverse outcomesby 73%.

  • VITAMIN D INDUSTRY - The Vitamin D market is estimated to account for about USD 1.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach a value of nearly USD 1.6 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.0% from 2020 to 2025.

  • NUTRACEUTICAL INDUSTRY - The global nutraceuticals market was USD 357.35 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 537.73 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 9%.

  • It is anticipated that the market growth will increase rapidly, accounting for 3% of overall global market by the end of 2022.

  • - The nutraceutical ingredients market is estimated to be valued at $162.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $227.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of seven per cent from 2020 to 2025.

  • Following the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer focus has switched to illness prevention, resulting in an increase in demand for nutraceuticals.

  • A trend toward health maintenance, early intervention, and disease risk reduction are major pillars furthering the nutraceuticals industry.

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  • 6,7,8 indoors lifestyle and poor diet.

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Operational Revenue8453,8803,7283,005
Total Expenses7643,1202,7912,311
Operational EBITDA81760937694
Operational EBITDA Margins (%)9.59%19.59%25.13%23.09%
Other Income387566123
Finance Cost45172181193
PAT Margins (%)1.30%7.78%13.95%21.20%
Other Comprehensive Income(1)(2)(1)18
Total Comprehensive Income10300519655
Diluted EPS (INR)0.3610.4317.9221.96
a) Equity share capital144144144
b) Other equity3,8153,5602,982
Non-current liabilities1,3001,1921,115
a) Financial liabilities
i) Borrowings1,1471,1041,018
ii) Lease liabilities373545
iii) Other financial liabilities756
b) Provisions574541
d) Other non-current liabilities5235
Current Liabilities1,8671,9291,855
a) Financial liabilities
i) Borrowings1,2141,1881,043
ii) Lease liabilities111211
ii) Trade payables456457472
iii) Other financial liabilities128184297
b) Provisions886
c) Other current liabilities477623
d) Currenttax liabilities (Net)333
Operational Revenue9193,9853,7732,929
Total Expenses8693,3712,9562,277
Operational EBITDA50614817652
Operational EBITDA Margins (%)5.44%15.41%21.65%22.26%
Other Income388182123
Finance Cost45171180191
PAT before Associates & Joint Venture(26)151425595
Non-controlling interests3330-
PAT Margins (%)NA3.86%12.06%20.31%
Other Comprehensive Income46(2)17
Total Comprehensive Income(22)157423612
Diluted EPS (INR)(0.80)5.3315.6920.53
a) Equity share capital144144144
b) Other equity3,5773,4622,950
c) Non-controlling interests(7)(3)-
Non-current liabilities1,2831,1751,097
a) Financial liabilities
i) Borrowings1,1471,1051,018
ii) Lease liabilities201727
iii) Other financial liabilities756
b) Provisions564541
c) Other non-current liabilities5235
Current Liabilities2,0712,0931,946
a) Financial liabilities
i) Borrowings1,2141,1881,043
ii) Lease liabilities111211
ii) Trade payables646621564
iii) Other financial liabilities128184297
b) Provisions1075
c) Other current liabilities597723
d) Currenttax liabilities (Net)333

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