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In compliance with Regulation 30 and other applicable provisions of the Listing Regulations, please find enclosed herewith Investor Presentation encompassing, inter-alia, an overview of the Quarterly Un-Audited Financial Results of International Conveyors Limited ('the Company') for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.

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  • experienced long waiting periods for - Favorable regulation led to growth of conveyor belting as an impediment, - ICL moved to international markets coal miningin USA with the erstwhile Fenner India, a with its products finding approvals with monopoly in India.

  • ICL by Fenner International, the parent enjoyed 35% of domestic market share - Signed long term contracts with company of Fenner India (now a part of PVC beltingin Indiaas well.

  • Our team has been involved in such projects as: operate reliably long-term, despite tough conditions.

  • We deploy wide-ranging engineering capabilities to Infrastructure / locational advantage: complete manufacturing of ▪ Kolkata sea-port is at a distance of only ~50 km products on schedule realizing Infrastructure / locational advantage: that our products drive our ▪ Excellent road infrastructure between Cost Advantages : customer's business ahead.

  • WELL WITH CUSTOMERS Enables the company to continually invest in leading 2 High Revenue Visibility edge equipment, processes ✓ Long term contracts ranging between 5-7 years with customers for order visibility & repeat and employee training in order

  • orders to improve the quality of its ✓ Specific tailor-made products manufactured as per Country’s & Customers specifications products.

  • Mining Sector Growth Drives India is at an early stage in terms of per capita mineral consumption and has India remains an oasis of growth amongst a significant potential to grow at accelerated growth than historical growth slowing global outlook

  • Strong economic growth–Projected to be fastest growing economy at-least Make in India –Focus on increase in 7.5% 7.7% Manufacturing share to 25% by 2025 till 2024 6.1% 5.5%

  • Russia US Japan increasing efficiencies and productivity creates tremendous potential 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

  • Key Sectors COAL CEMENT BEACH SAND MATERIAL Demand estimated to increase to 1.3- Cement industry has huge potential in - High reserve share of beach sand 1.9BT by 2030 (Base case-1.5BT) from the country & estimated to grow at a minerals (35%) presents high potential 1BT in 2019 CAGR of ~12% by 2025 - Exploration covered only ~2,000 km of coastal stretch, out of ~ 6000km

  • Global potash demand is expected to grow ~7Mmt in the next three years, with medium term growth rates at historic levels.

  • Countries Previous 5 year CAGR Estimated 5 year CAGR 2019 2020E ~1.5-2% ~3.5-4.5% United States 510 470 Belarus 7,350 7,300 • Canada contributes Estimated 100% increase in Brazil 247 250 growth rate as compared to ~33% of the total historical growth

  • Significant opportunities to grow in We are ready to deliver the High entry barriers: Separate approval Europe, Russia, South Africa, Canada, most Efficient, Reliable & Safe per geography per plant Australia and USA Conveyor Belting and Material handling systems to significantly enhance the Efficiency and Productivity of Strong R&D capabilities to quickly

  • Penetrate New Markets LEAD TOMORROW - Enhance customer base in the USA and ▪ Penetrate further into Australia Canada, where ICL already enjoys underground coal mine segment significant customer Relationships - Grow South Africa market.

  • ▪ Start Supplies to Europe and Russia

  • Automation across Facilities TO ADDRESS THE Continuous investments in the mining Our in-house R & D team working on sector in line with growing demand from automation and upgradation of the end user industries gives us long run machines & processes for efficiencies & GROWING DEMAND way for growth for our products going enhanced product portfolio forward

  • High entry barriers & revival of capex cycle gives us visibility of huge replacement Strong Order Book Visibility Huge Replacement Demand demand

  • Addition of new customers and newer Revival of capex cycle envisages a huge products has enhanced our order book replacement demand across sectors.

  • Growth in capacities envisages higher demand generation for our products across sectors, thus diversifying order book from multiple industries.

  • FY22 EPS growth EBIDTA Margins (%)

  • Value Creation for Stakeholders New avenues for Growth Revenue and Profitability Growth 5 1 Entry into newer customers & geography with new products developed over the period Global & Domestic mining growth along Strong Order book Visibility & with industry diversification 4 2 Replacement demand

  • The mining industry in India & across the globe With strong orderbook & revenue visibility, has been growing so as the need for belting has along with huge replacement demand.

  • Our capabilities to cater to multiple are all ready for growth in coming years industries gives us strong growth visibility 3 Operational Leverage to play out

  • Increase in scale will lead to operating leverage play out and enhance Operating Margins 31

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    Belting TypeBelting WidthEnd Use
    Mining: Type 12000Mining: 72 inchExport Market
    Mining: Type 8000, 10000Mining: 54 inch 60 inchExport Market
    Mining: Type 3500, 4500, 5000, 6000, 6500 Industrial: PVC 3500, 4500, 6000, 7500Mining: 36, 42, 43, 48 inch Industrial: 60 & 72 inchExport Market
    Mining: Type 8000, 12000Mining: 55 inchDomestic Market
    Mining: Type 3000, 5000, 6000Mining: 30 inch to 48 inchDomestic Market
    FacilityDetailsArea (Sq. Mtrs)
    E39 facilityFully-integrated plant, Administrative office and Laboratory12,000
    H19 facilityPlant, with Administrative office inside the plant1,527
    Windmill DetailsCapacity (KWH)
    Chitradurga Dist., Karnataka14,00,000
    Panchpatta Dist., Maharashtra14,00,000
    Kutch Dist., Gujarat47,00,000
    Kurnool Dist., Phase - 1, Andhra Pradesh17,00,000
    Kurnool Dist., Phase - 2, Andhra Pradesh17,00,000
    Particulars (Rs. Crs.)Q1FY23Q1FY22Y-o-YQ4FY22Q-o-QFY22
    Revenue from Operations55.932.174%57.8-3%205.2
    Cost of Materials Consumed35.023.837.9126.6
    Purchase of Traded Goods2.
    Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods and Work in Progress-3.3-8.2-6.9-4.8
    Employee Benefits Expense4.
    Other Expenses12.05.79.937.3
    EBITDA %9%15%-600 bps10%-100 bps10%
    Other Income3.21.45.313.5
    Depreciation and Amortisation Expense0.
    Finance Costs0.
    Total Tax Expense0.20.07.410.6
    Profit for the year7.04.747%2.8153%16.2
    PAT %13%15%-200 bps5%+700 bps8%
    Particulars (Rs. Crs.)Mar-22Mar-21Mar-20Mar-19Mar-18
    Revenue from Operations205.2169.398.785.656.2
    Cost of Materials Consumed126.684.646.252.333.8
    Purchase of Traded Goods8.05.98.900
    Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods and Work in Progress-4.87.3-
    Employee Benefits Expense18.614.411.811.610.2
    Other Expenses37.337.133.719.514
    EBITDA %9.5%11.8%6.8%-0.3%-4.6%
    Other Income13.
    Depreciation and Amortisation Expense2.
    Finance Costs4.24.99.910.46.6
    Total Tax Expense10.65.7-
    Profit for the year16.216.66.4-5.7-5.8
    PAT %7.9%9.8%6.5%-6.7%-10.2%

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