Iris Clothings Limited has informed the Exchange about Outcome of Annual General Meeting held on 19th September, 2022.

3 days ago



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Name of DirectorGeeta LadhaNikhil Saraf
Date of birth7 June, 1979"11"" September, 1977"
Date of first appointment on the board"27'"" August, 2011"224 April, 2019
QualificationGraduate (Commerce)Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Company Secretary
Experience in functional areaShe has an experience of 18 years with an unmatched exuberance in providing creative and innovative ideas to update the products and has been with the Company since inceptionTwenty years of rich experience into finance, taxation and It —w
Directors Relationship with other(Non-Executive Director) Wife of Mr. Santosh Ladha (Managing Director) and daughter in law of Mr. Baldev Das LadhaNil '
Shareholding in the Company77,950,914 shares. Nil
List of directorships held in other Listed Companies F :. Nil. Nil
Committee membership in other Listed Companies. NilNil

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