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Investor Presentation on the Un-Audited Financial Results of the Company for the quarter ended on 30th June 2022

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  • Managing Director’s Message il Commenting on Q1 FY23 results, Mr. Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director, said : s “4 am glad to share that we have tied-up with a leading Italian Company ‘Artsana’ Group ‘\ x S S S S < to be their exclusive supplier for manufacturing and supply of oral health care products * - ~ in India.

  • This marks an important step for us as we continue to grow not just in o product portfolio but also adding leading companies to our expanding customer base.

  • However, this was S offset to a large extent by a 63% YoY increase in revenues from our toothbrush business.

  • We are continuously focused on developing new relationships and converting them to be S our potential clients.

  • Along with this, we are also cautiously strengthening our bond with existing customers and always endeavour not just to provide best services but also add value added products to our offerings.

  • Their faith in us and extended support makes it easier for us to strive and , n n o e 1 “ s cy ” excel.

  • J ‘SVENDGAARD LABORATORIES Company has entered into exclusive tie up with Italian Company ‘Artsana Group’ to manufacture kids’ oral & ~ * ~ healthcare products in India, for their brand ‘Chicco’ H B This development marks an important step for Company to grow not just in product portfolio but also adding S S leading companies to expanding customer base This partnership enhances our footprint with other global companies to partner with JHS as their exclusive suppliers e in India and abroad e ‘Chicco’ is amongst leading kids’ oral care brands in India, with global leadership position in Europe- commenced S production for toothpaste and has also started dispatches across county and soon will start production of toothbrushes as well.

  • This will enable Artsana to complete their localization domestically for kid’s oral healthcare products in India, which the group was earlier importing Chicco has presence in over 120 countries, with more than 360 single-brand stores, making around 700 million e S c = euros net revenue < e O - ~ ” e o

  • Well established sales & distribution system spread across entire India =

  • Supplies and access to strategic export markets such as US, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia etc.

  • Strong R&D Facility =

  • leads to quality products & » newer concepts Debt to Equity ratio -0.02 in FY22 =

  • = Got LOI from one of its esteemed MNC Client a and expanded its J J f product portfolio to — ourney SO Tar... include Personal Care — = 2001 — Addition of = Set-up India’s

  • Became Debt " Doubled toothpaste capacity " Expanded client with Gillette for mfg. of National Stock project for P&G (Brand Free Company with separate Ayurveda & portfolio by Oral-B Toothbrushes Exchange and —Tide Detergent Powder) =

  • A first-generation entrepreneur , a man of strong judgment and deep insight, whose committed focus and dedicated passion has enabled JHS to emerge as one of the leading Oral-care manufacturers facility in the country.

  • Entry of big brand names in the segment created a high opportunity for growth.

  • His strong business acumen and skills saw him bid for manufacturing mandates from various International & National oral care brands JHS has grown over the years because of Mr. Nanda’s sharp skills as well as by adopting the right growth strategy.

  • This led to building its market presence and leadership in Oral Care category JHS will respond with speed and sensitivity to great Indian consumption boom.

  • Experience of over 15 Years with Planning and project management skills, strong ability to lead and motivate a team;

  • This ensures cost saving upto 10% for combo / value products ™ State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located at Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh.

  • ™ Additional land bank and tax benefits for immediate capacity / category expansion.

  • Toothpaste unit continues to enjoy tax benefits under new GST policy zw ™ Closely working with reputed FMCG brands - domestic and global.

  • Strong Financial Performance ™ Diverse team with right mix of operational & technical expertise .

  • Manufacturing Facilities * s w s e c e ISO-certified, state-of-art manufacturing o facilities at Kala-Amb (Himachal S Pradesh), India with additional land bank and built-up unit to turn around any new initiatives / projects

  • @ JHS) Strong Research & Development Facility ll In house R & D means “Powerhouse of innovation” Client’s products, formulae, or ideas-

  • Focus on Kidssegment a * " {In 2018, brand developed ang promoted a strong focus on Kids Oral Care range with industry first safety and compliance features

  • Impetus on product innovation and tactful use of licensing of kid's favourite characters has created a strong portfolio targeting kids .

  • # JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd) ts the Second Best Exporter of the Fo Eprtnof the Tp Eopontrof Tooth Brushes, incl dental plate brushes APT WATT Gat Certificate of Recognition

  • We leverage our resources, experience and geographic spread, to undertake initiatives with lasting results, benefiting communities around.

  • By way of M&A, planning to expand its footprints in Central and Southern parts of

  • Expanding product portfolio by including Talcum Powder, Soap Bars, Food category (quick snack range) and Personal care products Plans to expand customer base ="

  • With enhanced portfolio of product categories and geographical footprints, penetrating with existing client base Growth and expansion of existing product verticals =" Constantly develop new products through in-house R&D =" Expand existing product portfolio to newer geographies

  • " Enhancing capacity for existing product categories ="

Negative 10
  • There was a slight drop in revenue as compared to the previous corresponding S period, due to decrease in revenues from the toothpaste business.

  • i “, Purchase of stock in trade 1.34 0.68 1.45 f° Slight decline in \ Changes in Inventories 1.61 1.57 -0.42 Revenue mainly due to Total Raw Material Expenses 15.47 16.13 12.73 drop in revenue from

  • Loss 0.00 0.00 0.00 * Decline in EBITDA mainly Share of (profit}/loss from investment 0.00 0.00 0.00 on account of decrease in associate in revenue and higher PBT (2.37) (0.16) (1387.37%) (0.06) operating expenses Tax 1.79 0.13 4.37 .

  • Employee Expenses 11.45 10.08

  • Exceptional Item (Gain) / Loss 0.00 0.00 Share of (profit)/loss from investment 0.00 0.00 in associate PBT 0.10 0.97 (89.36%)

  • * Decline in revenue mainly on account of decline in third party business of toothpaste category with marginal impact in toothbrush business as well and major decline in revenues from MLM companies ¢ Decrease in EBITDA is mainly due to decline in revenue

  • * Absence of Exports and lower than optimum capacity utilization continued to impact profitability

  • | FY21- Exports significantly reduced due to Covid Pandemic & strategic focus on domestic business, impacting overall Financial performance !

  • @ JH Revenue Break-up - Private Label ‘TORIES: Product wise Revenue Break-up Geographical Revenue Break-up FY21 36.69%

  • I Exports have been significantly impacted due to Pandemic combined with strategic focus on domestic business !

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