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Press Release by C.E. Info Systems Limited (MapmyIndia) pertaining to investment in Kogo Tech Labs Private Limited to build travel & hyper-local discovery, commerce, social, gamified platform integrated with maps and navigation.

12 days ago



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  • By integrating Kogo’s gamified travel, outdoors and hyper‐local content, community & commerce platform into the Mappls N‐CASE suite, MapmyIndia Mappls will now enable Automotive OEMs in India and globally to increase consumer engagement, brand loyalty and in‐vehicle commerce monetisation opportunities.

  • Launched in February 2020, with its strong community‐building and engagement platform for travel, KOGO has received significant interest from Automotive OEMs, who can drive post sales engagement & build communities and engagement around their brands.

  • The KOGO marketplace has over 8,00,000+ Hotels, Experiences, Stores and service providers across the world and continues to expand its network to maximize spend & burn opportunities for its users.

  • Raj K Gopalakrishnan, Co‐Founder & CEO, KOGO, and Praveer Kochhar, Co‐Founder, said “We are happy to have MapmyIndia Mappls as our strategic investors and partners as we build on our vision to offer the world’s largest social travel commerce platform.

  • We are excited to welcome and join hands with KOGO to boost and enable the next‐generation of travel, outdoors, hyper‐local and on‐the‐ go experiences and use cases for everyone.

  • Not just does this strategic investment and business partnership deepen MapmyIndia’s Automotive OEM portfolio and open up larger multi‐billion dollar addressable markets for the company, but it helps us deliver on the innate needs and aspiration of all people to travel and experience the world in better and more ways.

  • We are very excited about KOGO’s prospects to grow into a very large business and happy to partner with Raj and Praveer, two visionary, passionate and seasoned entrepreneurs, to build something wonderful for the world.”

  • The company pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995 and has earned its market leadership position in this industry and built a strong moat by capitalizing on our early mover advantage, developing proprietary and integrated technologies, full stack product offerings, continuous innovation and robust sustainable business model.

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