Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Press Release / Media Release

Press release regarding bagging / receiving of orders worth Rs. 540 Crores dated 15- Sep-2022.- Additional information on Receipt of orders worth Rs. 540 Crores in Clean Energy as per SEBI circular CIR/CFD/CMD/4/2015 dated 09-Sep-2015.

4 days ago



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  • The order related to NPCIL is has won.

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    MTAR Technologies Limited (2)
    Clean Energy (1)
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    Name of the entity awarding | the order(s)/contract(s)"Bloom Energy GE Power and NPCIL"
    Significant terms and | conditions order(s)/contract(s) awarded | in brief of |All the orders related to Bloom Energy are to be executed of the products specified in the contract. by Dec 2023, the credit period is 45 days post the delivery date of issue of purchase order, the Order related to NPCIL has to be supplied with 39 months from the price adjustment will be allowed up to a ceiling of +/- 20% of the total basic price of the component. 30% advance shall be paid in phases upon completion of various milestones including preparation of project plans and procurement of raw materials. There will be a maximum of 5% LD upon the value of undelivered content in case of any delayed deliverable.
    order(s) have Whether contract(s) awarded international entity / | been | by domestic/ |Out of the three entities who have awarded the order two of them are either domestic or domestic division of the entity and one from an international entity.
    Nature contract(s) of order(s) //|The order related to NPCIL is has won. The orders are from other entities have to be fulfilled within a prescribed time period as per the purchase order. a tender that the company
    Whether domestic or | internationalRs. 472 Cr of orders are related to exports, Rs. 67 Cr are related to domestic
    Time period by which the order(s)/contract(s) is to be executedEntitywae. | 54 (Rs. cr)eae: a (ps. | cry |25 | es. | pd cr) |26 as. | ed cr)a BO
    Bloom Energy62410--AT2
    GE Power-5--5
    NPCIL=319 |4362

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