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Nila Infrastructures Limited has informed the Exchange about Investor Presentation - August 2022.

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Positive 25
  • Mn INR (5) Mn Y-o-Y Growth EBITDA Margins PAT Margins (7)% 5% (2.8)% 2

  • Real into• Successful transition of business model from EPC to PPP •

  • First Urban Development Project: 260 decorative Bus Shelters AMC Repeat of further 460for order• Designed 28 BRTS stations for AMC and won further orders• Launched first major Affordable Housing Project “Asmaakam”

  • Impeccable record of project execution structures for meritorious civic and completion.

  • Financial Strength Professional Team - Well capitalized, consistently •

  • The company is leveraging its core competency and has built a significant PPP order book where the remuneration is superior for long term sustainable growth.

  • The affordable sector will add 2.12 lakh housing use Cost units, worth INR 43,155 crore, in the state.

  • The two main drivers of Affordable Housing are improved affordability, Potential opportunities through reduced mortgage rates and Government support, through 2017 2024 various schemes and tax incentives.

  • - Policy support from the government is seen fueling the attraction for Affordable 0.5 Mn Houses; 1 Mn Houses; affordable homes in India in 2021.

  • Expect to see more intense activity in the housing market in 2022 especially in the affordable homes segment as various deadlines to avail of the government subsidies near the end.

  • - Total latent demand for housing of 10 Mn+ per year with steady Social 5.7 Mn Houses; 9.5 Mn Houses; income growth at 9-10% CAGR to improve affordability.

  • •Infrastructure Status to Affordable Housing NUHF •National Urban Housing Fund (NUHF) - EBR of Rs. 60,000 for funding PMAY(U) projects Reduction of GST - to 1% in Affordable Housing Projects - to 5% in other housing projects

  • to reduce AHF interest burden on affordable housing Income Tax Benefits - the scope of Affordable Housing- for income tax benefits (Section 80-IBA) from 30 to 60 sqm for Metros & 60 to 90 sqm for Non-metros AIF •Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) of INR 25,000 Cr.

  • for last mile funding of stalled Housing projects EoDB •Major jump in ease of doing business rank in Word Bank’s Doing Business Report from 142nd to 63rd.

  • In construction permit, India climbed from 52th to 27th place 26

  • • The Company gained traction in Urban Infrastructure, in 2006-07 as the flagship company of the Group viz Sambhaav Media Ltd was awarded construction of decorative AMTS

  • BRTS Bus Stations Built By NILA (104 of 144) – Ahmedabad BRTS – A Success Story - Prime Contractor for Global Award Winning BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) project of AMC.

  • - USD 950 Bn financing in the next 20 years to effectively build and run the urban cities by providing civic amenities, employment opportunities, and creating social infrastructure.

  • In the backdrop of the announcement of GIFT, MEGA, Dholera SIR, Mega cities, Million plus cities, etc., the Company is favorably poised to replicate such experience across additional geographies / employers.

  • - Gujarat has been on the forefront of the Smart City Mission where 6 cities have been included in the project, which emphasizes the scope for investment in Civic Urban Infrastructure.

  • ,Kandla and Mundra, promise excellent access toglobal markets.

  • Becharaji, Gujarat - This preempts huge long term investments by auto majors like Suzuki and Honda Motorcycles & Scooters in and around the region.

  • - Affordable Housing has been granted “Infrastructure” status, serving as a stimulus to the segment.

  • • Central Government has targeted the construction of 10 Mn houses per annum with demand growing at 6- 7 Mn per year due to population growth and nuclearisation of families.

  • Potential addressable market may rise 4x in 7 years.

Negative 2
  • One of the most reputed Business maintained debt-equity ratio below 1.

  • Reduction of C&D - Water Quality

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2010 - 2013 • Launched 3 major 2006 - 2009• AMC awarded contract for Affordable Housing under Mukhya Mantri Avas Yojana, Multi Level Parking, SRA • Rajasthan Government, VUDA award projects for Affordable Housing, EPIL, Urban Infrastructure • Listing on NSE • Infusion of further equity through Private Placement • Demerger of Estate business NILA Spaces Ltd. Real into • Successful transition of business model from EPC to PPP
• First Urban Development Project: 260 decorative Bus Shelters AMC Repeat of further 460 for order • Designed 28 BRTS stations for AMC and won further orders • Launched first major Affordable Housing Project “Asmaakam”
Particulars (INR Mn)Q1-FY2023Q1-FY2022Y-o-YQ4-FY2022Q-o-Q
Income from Operations132203(34.9)%240(44.8)%
Operating Expenses128182(29.3)%224(42.5)%
EBITDA Margins (%)2.83%10.51%(768) Bps6.82%(399) Bps
Finance Cost2941(27.4)%31(4.1)%
Other Income342820.8%366.1%
Profit Before Tax43(13.5)%17(80.8)%
Profit After Tax12(69.8)%12(94.1)%
PAT Margins (%)*0.40%1.00%(60) Bps4.35%(400) Bps
Other Comprehensive Income--NA-NA
Total Comprehensive Income12(72.5)%12(94.1)%
Diluted EPS (INR) (Not Annualized)0.0020.01(67.0)%0.03(93.5)%
Particulars (INR Mn)FY2022FY2021Y-o-Y
Income from Operations9331,011(7.7)%
Operating Expenses858920(6.7)%
EBITDA Margins (%)8.04%9.00%(96) Bps
Finance Cost148161(8.1)%
Other Income12810028.0%
Profit Before Tax3612NA
Profit After Tax255NA
PAT Margins (%)2.36%0.45%191 Bps
Other Comprehensive Income11-
Total Comprehensive Income266NA
Diluted EPS (INR)0.060.01NA
Particulars (INR Mn)Q1-FY2023Q1-FY2022Y-o-YQ4-FY2022Q-o-Q
Income from Operations135146(7.3)%208(35.2)%
Operating Expenses1281271.4%193(33.6)%
EBITDA Margins (%)5%13%(818) Bps7%(228) Bps
Finance Cost2941(28.0)%32(8.5)%
Other Income292324.9%35(16.8)%
Share in profit of joint venture and associate (net of tax)(5)(4)NA(21)NA
Profit Before Tax(3)(7)NA(7)NA
Profit After Tax(5)(6)NA(11)NA
Other Comprehensive Income--NA-NA
Total Comprehensive Income(5)(6)NA(11)NA
Diluted EPS (INR) (Not Annualized)(0.01)(0.02)NA(0.03)NA
Particulars (INR Mn)FY2022FY2021Y-o-Y
Income from Operations833969(14.0)%
Operating Expenses760871(12.7)%
EBITDA Margin (%)8.76%10.11%(135) Bps
Finance Cost145161(9.9)%
Other Income1099119.8%
Share in profit of joint venture and associate (net of tax)(32)(12)NA
Profit Before Tax(14)(2)NA
Profit After Tax(20)(6)NA
PAT Margin (%)NANANA
Other Comprehensive Income11-
Total Comprehensive Income(19)(5)NA
Diluted EPS (INR)(0.05)(0.02)NA
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)Applewoods Estate Pvt LtdEngineering Projects India Ltd (a Mini Ratna) (EPIL)Venus InfraAhmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA)
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones Limited
Vadodara Urban Development Authority (VUDA)Adani GroupGujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC)Rajasthan Avas Vikas & Infrastructure Ltd (RAVIL)Vyapti Group
Name of the ProjectLocationGovt / PrivateProject StatusTotal Value (INR Mn)CompletedBalance (INR Mn)
Modasa Bus-Port CF - VyapnilaModasaGOVTWIP780.053%367.8
Amreli Bus-Port CF - Nila Terminals TOTALAmreliGOVTWIP413.3 1,193.364%150.8
Particulars (INR Mn)FY2019FY2020FY2021FY2022
Income from Operations2,2582,5101,011933
Operating Expenses1,8782,223920858
EBITDA Margin (%)16.83%11.43%9.00%8.04%
Finance Cost130169161148
Other Income83123100128
Profit Before Tax3142241236
Profit After Tax*222176525
PAT Margin (%)9.48%6.68%0.45%2.36%
Other Comprehensive Income2-11
Total Comprehensive Income224176626
Diluted EPS (INR) (Not Annualized)0.560.440.010.06
Equities & Liabilities (INR Mn)FY2020FY2021FY2022Assets (INR Mn)FY2020FY2021FY2022
Shareholder Funds (A) Equity Share Capital (B) Other Equity Non-current Liabilities1,433 394 1,039 1,1311,439 394 1,045 1,2501,465 394 1,071 982Non Current Assets1,3131,5321,856
(A) Property, Plant and Equipment685644
(B) Investment Properties238326318
(C) Financial assets Investment154179852
Borrowings Trade payable Other Financial Liabilities999 36 21,156 - 9875 - 11Loans797780422
Other financial Assets47138185
(D) Other Tax Assets (E) Other Non Financial Assets Current Assets9 - 2,16813 39 2,12133 1 2,236
(A) Inventories352289334
Current Liabilities9179641,645
(A) Financial Liabilities
Trade Receivables683650628
Cash & cash equivalents71313
Trade payable427484317
Other Financial Liabilities106199
Other Financial Assets301-
(C) Provisions8910
GRAND TOTAL – ASSETS3,4813,6534,092
Particulars (INR Mn)FY2019FY2020FY2021FY2022
Income from Operations2,1382,435969833
Operating Expenses1,7792,150871760
EBITDA Margin (%)16.79%11.70%10.11%8.76%
Finance Cost130169161145
Other Income6011691109
Profit Before Tax2702151018
Share in profit of joint venture and associate10(2)(12)(32)
Profit After Tax200165(6)(20)
PAT Margin (%)*9.10%6.47%NANA
Other Comprehensive Income3-11
Total Comprehensive Income203165(5)(19)
Diluted EPS (INR) (Not Annualized)0.510.41(0.02)(0.05)
Equities & Liabilities (INR Mn) Shareholder FundsFY2020 1,355FY2021 1,350FY2022 1,331Assets (INR Mn)FY2020FY2021FY2022
Non Current Assets (A) Property, Plant and Equipment1,175 681,314 561,672 44
(B) Investment Properties238326318
Non-current Liabilities (A) Financial Liabilities1,0991,215942(C) Financial assets
Investment Loans61 74874 663713 373
Other financial Assets51142190
Trade Payables36--
Other Financial Liabilities (B) Provisions1 109 911 7
(E) Other Non Financial Assets-391
Current Assets (A)Inventories2,273 4852,323 4722,517 619
Current Liabilities (A) Financial Liabilities9941,0721,917(B) Financial assets
Trade Receivables Cash & cash equivalents641 7650 131628 3
Bank Balances other thanabove56584
Trade payable427484317
Other Financial Liabilities (B) Other Non Financial Liabilities106 35520 2749 1,374Loans12212
Other financial assets (C) Other Current Assets30 1,0421 1,0091,251 -
(D) Current Tax Assets---
Price Data as on 30 th June, 2022
No. of Shares (Mn)393.89
M.Cap (INR Mn)2,020.2
Free Float (%)38.10
Free Float (Mn)769.70
52 week H/L10.60/4.59

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