Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 30 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (''Listing Regulations''), please find enclosed herewith the investor presentation

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Positive 9
  • 100%* +550 - 600 bps Standalone/ Consolidated Standalone / Net Profit* Growth Consolidated for Q1FY23 (Y-o-Y) EBITDA / PAT Q1

  • Margins for Q1FY23 FY2023 100%* 84% 1.5x 55%

  • Standalone / Standalone / Consolidated Consolidated EBITDA Growth Revenue Growth for Q1FY23 (Y-o-Y) for Q1FY23

  • Revenue (Rs lacs) EBITDA (Rs lacs) - Total Standalone Revenue increased by 83.9% Y-o-Y basis due to low base on account of Sars-Covid (Wave 2)

  • Revenue (Rs lacs) EBITDA (Rs lacs) - Consolidated Revenue stood at Rs.7956 lacs up by 55.4% YoY led by global production impacted in Automotive due to demand supply constraints and Covid impact in Q1 last year.

  • Net Profit (excl extra ord) (Rs lacs) - Gross Profit margins were higher in consolidated at 36.4% vs standalone due to stock effect.

  • Increasing wallet share from existing customers and Technology Synergy between Magal (Remsons) UK to winning new customers in target markets Remsons in India

  • The synergies created through this acquisition including access to the central European market, new product portfolio and operational production plant in UK to better save the global players

  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award – For Fair Business Practices ACMA Award – First Technology Award for Upgradation of Technology Escorts Award – For Price Control Maruti Suzuki – Vendor Performance Award ACMA – 1 st Prize in QC Competition for Cost Reduction Company of the Year Award 2020 by CEO Insights Magazine GOLD award for Best Kaizen from Quality Circle Forum of India.

Negative 3
  • Net Profit (excl extra ord) (Rs lacs) - Gross Profit margins at 29.4% were lower on a Q-o-Q and Y-o-Y basis due to volatile raw material price movements followed by gradual pass through of price increase.

  • - EBITDA for Q1 FY23 stood at Rs.400.1 lacs vs loss last year which was on account of Sars-Covid impact on sales.

  • - The prevailing semiconductor shortage and the Russia-Ukraine war continuous to disrupt volume offtake.

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Brake - Front, Rear, CombiClutch / PKB CableParking Brake CableParking Brake CableAccelerator CablesClutch & Brake Cable
Accelerator CableGasoline CableBody CablesGear Shifter with CablesPTO CablesAccelerator Cables
Clutch CableGear CableGear Shifter with CablesBonnet Release CablesDoor CablesPull To Stop Cables
Speedometer CableSpeedometer CableWinches, Pedal Boxes.Cabin Storage CablesGear Shift & Select CablesDirector Change Cables
Seat Lock CableWiper Motor CableScissor JacksAccelerator CablesForward & Reverse CablesForward & Reverse Cables
Particulars (INR in crs)FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Net Revenue from Operations128.36149.38159.18195.48223.28
Other Income1.580.751.701.951.16
Total Revenue129.94150.13160.88197.42224.44
Employee Benefit Expenses23.8926.9730.9930.0333.71
Other Expenses18.1420.6021.0519.1922.74
Total Expenditure120.32140.56147.76185.51209.26
EBITDA before (Excep. Items)9.619.5713.1211.9215.19
EBITDA margin (%)7.40%6.37%8.16%6.04%6.77%
Exceptional Items---3.300.74
EBITDA after (Excep. Items)9.619.5713.1215.2215.93
Finance Costs2.522.493.193.285.25
Tax Expenses1.111.462.082.171.65
PAT margin (%)2.652.29%3.32%3.37%1.59%
Particulars (INR in crs)FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Net Revenue from Operations128.36149.38159.18226.15286.45
Other Income1.580.751.702.410.74
Total Revenue129.94150.13160.88228.56287.61
Employee Benefit Expenses23.8926.9730.9939.5852.27
Other Expenses18.1420.6021.0524.7333.16
Total Expenditure120.32140.56147.76215.99266.22
EBITDA before (Excep. Items)9.619.5713.1212.5721.39
EBITDA margin (%)7.40%6.37%8.16%5.50%7.44%
Exceptional Items---3.300.74
EBITDA after (Excep. Items)9.619.5713.1215.8722.13
Finance Costs2.522.493.193.546.43
Tax Expenses1.111.462.083.431.98
PAT margin (%)2.652.29%3.32%1.96%1.87%
Particulars (INR in crs)FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Non-Current Assets
Property, Plant & Equipment21.7521.5121.7124.0527.91
Right of Use of Assets--0.548.816.87
Capital Work in Progress0.
Investment Property0.
Other Intangible Assets0.521.491.281.221.42
Financial Assets
Non-Current Investments0.
Other Financial Assets0.440.640.490.973.61
Other Non-Current Assets0.360.250.602.561.08
Total Non-Current Assets23.2924.1524.8159.2660.59
Current Assets
Trade Receivables19.9025.8722.3232.5240.93
Cash & Cash Equivalents1.000.441.740.390.82
Other Financial Assets0.760.170.380.940.12
Current tax Assets-
Other Current Assets2.172.682.557.753.10
Total Current Assets46.4056.0559.8179.4184.23
Total Assets69.6980.2084.63138.67144.81
Particulars (INR in crs)FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Non-Current Assets
Property, Plant & Equipment21.7521.5121.7131.7134.40
Right of Use of Assets--0.548.816.87
Capital Work in Progress0.
Investment Property0.070.070.0715.2114.99
Other Intangible Assets0.521.491.283.543.46
Financial Assets0.440.640.491.921.07
Non-Current Investments0.
Other Non-Current Assets0.360.250.602.563.61
Total Non-Current Assets23.2924.1524.8164.1364.95
Current Assets
Trade Receivables19.9025.8722.3242.7352.12
Cash & Cash Equivalents1.000.441.742.236.39
Other Financial Assets0.760.170.380.940.12
Current tax Assets-
Other Current Assets2.172.682.557.604.56
Total Current Assets46.4056.0559.81101.17109.89
Total Assets69.6980.2084.63165.30174.84

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