Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

Outcome of Schedule of Investors meeting under the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements), Regulations 2015 and Presentation made to Investors.

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Positive 27
  • Recognized amongst the largest branded oil packaged food companies, with a strong and robust portfolio of brands in various types of cooking oils under Data 23,858 categories such as soyabean,mustard,sunflower,palm,cottonseedandgroundnut.

  • FY20 FY21 FY22 Oil Vegetable Oil Vanaspati & Bakery Fats By-Products & Derivatives Growth Drivers Market Size Strong export •

  • Strong demand for non-GM soybean meal from Data in INR crores 2,38,000 the international markets demand of •

  • The exports have grown by 30% basis volume in 24,000 soybean meal last 3 years 1,79,500 23,500 - Measures to increase the domestic production of 1,34,500 Governments 22,500 edible oil seeds with various initiatives: focus to reduce 2,14,000 ✓ Increasing area under cultivation imports 1,56,000 ✓ Improve production & productivity of crops 1,12,000 Growth in •

  • Atta refined oil •Fruit juice & Pickle - other staples beverages - Edible Oil; largest category, accounting for 1/3rd of revenue has the potential to grow multifold on strong and well developed edible oil distribution base of Ruchi Soya Industries •

  • Next 6 categories contribute to 36% revenue share; potential to grow multifold by leveraging Nutrela distribution base • Consists of both high-margin, high-growth products along with high-volume, moderate growth products which shall have a positive impact on margin profile of the company.

  • Strong promoter pedigree of the Patanjali group Experienced leadership and revamped management team of senior industry professionals Foray into health and wellness space with launch of Nutraceuticals Products with Strong brand recognition in the Indian market Upstream and downstream integration and one of the key players in Oil Palm Plantation Pioneer and market leader in branded Soya space Product Presence across mass, value and premium segments Effective strategy to procure key raw materials and a track record of managing volatility Strong, established and extensive distribution network

  • Increase in Growth of the Rise in purchasing for branded food products awareness of health organized retail power among consumers, network including in rural areas - Synonymous with TSP (1) , household name - Positioned as a premium brand - Products: Premium & Blended Oils, Soya Chunks, Honey and Atta - Focused on middle - Launched Nutraceuticals income segment with under Patanjali and multiple oil varieties Nutrela brands - Market leadership position

  • - Contains vitamin E, - India’s highest selling palm which is known to boost oil brand immunity - Extremely strong equity - Mid market sunflower oil and recall in various parts brand of North, East, Central and West India

  • Focusing on expanding our distribution network for increased penetration in metros, semi-urban and rural markets

  • Consistently Improving Margins 13.2% 13.4% 11.3% 10.4% 11.8% 6.2% 6.5% 3.5% 1.7%

  • Consistently Improving Margins 14.00% 11.76% 12.02% 13.19% 13.04% 11.23% 12.00% 10.00% 8.00% 6.81% 7.00% 6.27% 7.47% 5.75%

  • Full repayment of Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Post issuance, the public share holding of the company has increased from 1.10% to NCD’s & part payment of Preference shares.

  • the company achieved a Market Capitalization of Incremental Working capital ₹ 33,479 Crs.

  • Strengthening of R&D capabilities - ₹ 122 Cr (LC Limits) of ~1,820 crores are being availed.

  • - Improvement in financial position - ₹ 43 Cr.

  • Continue to improve operational efficiency

  • In-house experienced Tax Continue Leverage Patanjali through enhanced usage of Strong Sector Coverage

  • various Advisory softwares and Brand and enhance synergies technology Expansion of our distribution Enhance the high margin Dedicated network Restructuring through Global premium investment food portfolio banking diversification Advisory and supply through partnership the Nutrela brand chain optimization and increase brand awareness

  • Focus on “Backward Increase market share by deeper In-house Integration” experienced by increasing Tax penetration

  • Strong and Sector expanding Coverage footprint in Advisory newer markets for nutraceuticals & other overall palm plantation area products

  • Target to reach 250-300 crs of additional exports in the next 12 months

  • Growing Institutional Channel •

  • From NIL to ~100,000 lakh tons of institutional edible oil sales •

  • Working aggressively towards strengthening ecommerce sales across platforms to cater to B2C segment Fostering Digital Growth •

  • Going Forward Today + Strong distribution led export portfolio of FMCG

  • Large diversified FMCG & FMHG company with - Presence in FMCG & FMHG segment strong international footprint - Improved margin profile - Presence in high growth – high profitable business segments - Leveraging technology across functions and business

Negative 1
  • 19.18% and promotor share holding has decreased from 98.90% to 80.82% as on 30 th June 2022 2 ₹ 792 Cr being utilized for funding of On listing date (8 th April 2022)

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Mahakosh (2)
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3.55% 3.36% 3.49% 2.61% Data in INR crores465
80394637 28 11 4111 41
LocationCollection CentresFertilizer Godowns
Peddapuram (AP)5917
Ampapuram (AP+TS)342
LocationCapacity (MW)
MP (PPA with Govt.)48.0
MP (Captive)9.1
Rajasthan (PPA with Govt.)18.0
Tamil Nadu (Captive)2.5
Karnataka (Captive)3.0
Maharashtra (PPA with Govt.)2.5
Key Metrics (INR Cr)Q1 FY22Q2 FY22Q3 FY22Q4 FY22Q1 FY23
Revenue from Operations5,266.165,995.036,280.466,663.727,210.97
Revenue Growth (QoQ%)13.84%4.76%6.10%8.21%
Gross Profit619.05720.72828.41869.07809.71
Gross Margin11.76%12.02%13.19%13.04%11.23%
EBITDA Margin%6.81%5.75%7.00%6.27%7.47% (1)
PAT excluding exceptional Items238.62220.47319.61295.69332.47
PAT Margin4.51%3.67%5.07%4.43%4.51%
Reported PAT173.53164.27234.07234.43241.26
PAT Margin3.28%2.73%3.71%3.51%3.27%
Loans (Amount in Cr.)O/s As on 31st Mar’22O/s As on 8 th April ’22O/s post FPO As on 8 th Apr’22
Term Loans2,251.442,266.39NIL
Working Capital Loans795.23791.75NIL
(INR Cr)31st Mar, 202231st Mar, 202131st Mar, 202031st Mar, 2019
Property, plant and equipment3371343935543708
Capital work-in-progress28272527
Intangible assets15291,5161,5161,516
Others (1)1345286121101
Total non-currentassets5125532152595,401
Current assets
Trade receivables797438274250
Cash and bank balances (2)375387459442
Others (3)2261488512523
Total currentassets635136882,6092,493
Total assets1148090097,8687,894
Total equity617140623371(4,521)
Others (4)1533532512
Total non-currentliabilities30543,215327928
Current liabilities
Trade payables (5)8996611652,229
Others (6)3664604232,878
Total currentliabilities22541731121812,387
Total equity and liabilities1148090097,8687,894
For the year ended 31 st March
(INR Cr)20222021202020192018
Revenue from operations2420516319131181272911994
Other income79645710035
Total income2428416383131751282912029
Cost of materials consumed193811399711262109689209
Purchase of stock-in-Trade21115183873551426
Change in inventories of finished goods, stock-in-trade & work-in-progress(325)(348)(76)796
Employee benefit expense186140153157157
Finance costs3553711127856
Depreciation and amortisation expense136133136138140
Provision for doubtful debts-222135150
Other expenses136410569691,0411096
Total expenses232101586912,96512,75318040
Profit before exceptional items and tax expenses107451421077(6010)
Exceptional Items----7490-(43)
Profit before tax1074514770034(6010)
Total tax expense (1)(268)(166)(14)-(437)
Profit for the period/ year (A)806681771434(5573)
Particulars3 months ended 30.06.20213 months ended 30.09.20213 months ended 31.12.20213 months ended 31.03.20223 months ended 30.06.2022
IRevenue from operations5,26,615.825,99,503.236,28,046.086,66,372.387,21,096.86
IIOther Income2,983.171,596.402,073.831,247.3115,910.73
IIITotal income (I+II)5,29,598.996,01,099.636,30,119.916,67,619.697,37,007.59
IVTotal Expenses5,05,737.395,79,052.735,98,159.396,38,050.567,03,760.29
Earnings before interest,tax,depreciation & amortisation(EBITDA)36,086.6134,567.3444,089.8141,854.9340,179.53
VProfit before tax (III-IV)23,861.6022,046.9031,960.5229,569.1333,247.30
VITotal Tax Expense6,508.425,619.568,553.286,126.009,121.41
VIIProfit after tax (V-VI)17,353.1816,427.3423,407.2423,443.1324,125.89
% EBITDA6.81%5.75%7.00%6.27%5.45%
% PBT4.51%3.67%5.07%4.43%4.51%
% PAT3.28%2.73%3.71%3.51%3.27%
Segment Revenue
Oils & Vanaspati4,38,798.60485106.80995,25,567.365,96,972.786,41,061.28
Seed Extraction87,725.4361348.2398,096.0963,163.9159,661.20
Others (Food Products etc.)35,670.3970483.4942,618.1149,176.5757,248.42
Wind Turbine Power Generation1,716.661664.011,000.10969.042,046.28
Less : Inter Segment Revenue37,295.2619,099.3139,235.5843,909.9238,920.32
Net Sales/Income from Operations5,26,615.825,99,503.236,28,046.086,66,372.387,21,096.86
Oils & Vanaspati6.05%4.32%5.84%4.55%3.96%
Seed Extraction5.37%5.79%13.10%8.43%6.37%
Others (Food Products etc.)9.62%11.98%8.84%12.01%15.40%
Wind Turbine Power Generation74.43%74.76%58.05%52.71%75.51%
BSE Ticker500368
Market Cap (INR Cr.)38,289.02
No. of Shares Outstanding (Cr.)36.19

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