Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

Investor's Presentation for the quarter ended June 30, 2022

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  • Market will enable the company to pursue both organic and inorganic and Shalimar presents a unique opportunity for Infra.

  • Market to partner with an growth opportunities within our existing and even newer product categories.

  • WMarket’s technology- based supply chain solutions, will substantially add value to the robust ecosystem that Shalimar has already built, and together it will be instrumental in enhancing Infra.

  • Market’s position as a category leader in the building material industry.”

  • Market into Generation em ect eya the lucrative Paints Platform to to provide Category increase its reach Growth Capital and distribution network

  • Focus on areas having significant presence ¥Y Cost Reduction: * Cost saving due to optimization of water & solvent- based paints Focus on smaller Tier 3 & 4 towns Expert Program and rural area ; ; ¥ New Product Development: Increase in no. of Painters

  • Service * Newer Raw material evaluated and approved improvement- fe specially supply Y Quality Upgradation: Focus on research & * Quality of the formulations were improved development of Apr-19 Mar-20 Mar-21 Mar-22 Jul-22 E newer products

  • Cost Optimization Strategies zs] 105.5 109.9 ¥ Improve Supply / RM Chain Management =) is 65.2 ¥ Improve the Product Supply to Channel partners pe ¥ Reduce overall company related costs Q1 F22 Q4 F22 Q1 F23

  • Value Creation ¥ Volume Growth in Decorative + Industrial Segments * Lead to Improved Operating Efficiencies Y Increase dealer network and number of depots across the 2.3 = country aay a 13 * Optimizing a dealer margins .

  • Improving Efficiencies

  • ¥ Lowering Working Capital requirements and improving profitability oe ——_———— eundtieies<.

  • e Revenue: a o Company has reported revenue growth of 4% from previous quarter, i.e., Q4 FY22 and 69% from Previous Year Q1.

  • Company has recorded highest sales in Q1 Vs Q1 YoY in last 8 years. : ; ; ; co During this quarter company has grown by 22% in Decorative segment from previous quarter, i.e., Q4 F22.

  • o During this quarter, the company has grown in water base segment by 15% from previous year Q1 F22. ° ° ° °

  • o The prices of key raw materials have increased as compared to previous quarter slide on the back of steep inflationary trend and sharp increase in commodity prices across the globe

  • o The company was able to absorb the increased cost by passing on the cost to the consumers through increase in average selling prices.

  • However, due to competitive intensity need to absorb few costs internally impacting the margins of the company © Company is continuously working on improving its product mix within the segments, which will eventually help to reduce the impact of increase in raw material costs on the company’s profitability e Other Expenditure: o Company has maintained the fixed cost at previous year level, however marginal is due to secondary freight on account of increased in fuel prices.

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    Revenue from Operations :109.965.2105.6
    Cost of Materials Consumed84.342.876.8
    Purchase of Traded Goods6.93.45.3
    Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods and Work in Progress4113168
    Gross Profit29.815.930.2
    GP %27.1%24.3%28.6%
    Employee Benefits Expense11.910.69.3
    Other Expenses21.214.120.7
    Other Income1.60.12.1
    Depreciation and Amortisation Expense3.43.33.3
    Finance CostsAA4857
    Exceptional Items0.0-2.5-5.9
    Total Tax Expense0.00.00.0
    Profit for the year-9.6-19.4-12.7

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