Steel City Securities Limited has informed the Exchange about Revised Related Party Transaction Policy

3 days ago



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the Audit Committee (11)
The Audit Committee (5)
Audit Committee (4)
NSDL (2)
Related Party (2)
RPT (2)
MSEI (1)
MCX (1)
CDSL (1)

Tables extracted (1)

Category of TransactionsMateriality Thresholds ordinary under the Companies Act, 2013 (for transactions not in business arm's length basik) course of and 'not on anMateriality Thresholds under the Listing Regulations
Sale, purchase or supply of any goods or materials10% or more of turnoverindividually together transactions or with during exceeds annual turnover of the the last Transaction, taken previous a financial 10% of consolidated Company as per audited financial statements of the Company. year, the Listing [Requirement SEBI (Third determining materiality] notified under Regulations Amendment) for
Selling or otherwise disposing of, or buying, property of any kind10% or more of net worth
Leasing of property of any kind10% or more of turnover
Availing or rendering of any services10% or more of turnover
Related Party's appointment to any office or place of profit in the its subsidiary or associate company company, companyAt a monthly remuneration exceeding Rs.2.5 Lakh
Underwriting subscription or derivatives company the of any securities thereof, of the1% of net worth
Any other Related Party transaction with aTransaction, individually or taken together with previous transactions during a financial year, exceeds 10% of the annual consolidated turnover of the Company as per the last audited financial statements of the Company

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