(Revised)Submission Of Presentation To Be Made To The Bankers

Pursuant to Regulation 30 read alongwith Schedule III Part A para A of the SEBI (ListingObligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and with further reference to our letter sc no. 16910 dated August 23, 2022, please find enclosed herewith the revised presentation made to the Bankers on August 23, 2022.

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Positive 40
  • “Land Rover” including powertrains 4 TMF facilitates financing of new vehicle, #1 CV player in India with ~45% market share in FY22 (1)

  • Tata Motors: A Strategic Company for Tata Group Continuous Increase in Promoter Shareholding, current holding at 46.4%

  • Continuous increase in promoter shareholding signals strong conviction in the long term growth potential of Tata Motors ____________________ (1) Based on ordinary shares held (2) Shareholding represents ownership, voting rights adjusted for DVRs are at 45.82% (3) Based on FY22 Tata Sons consolidated revenues (www.tata.com) and TML consolidated revenues (4) March 2022

  • Positive FCF recovery in H2 FY 22

  • Great new products – Range Rover, Refocus delivers £250m in Q1, on track for Order bank grows to new record of Range Rover Sport, Defender 130 £1b savings in FY23 200,000 units Announced Science Based Targets to JLR most improved OEM in J.D. Power quality

  • Partnership announced with NVIDIA to reduce carbon emissions survey; Jaguar now in top 5 in Premium provide state of the art connectivity and ADAS solutions

  • Refocus continues to drive value generation of £250m in Q1 (£ 1.5b in FY22) • Free Cash outflow of £(1.2)bn for FY22 and £(769)mn for Q1 FY23 , more than explained by volume related working

  • Refocus improvements of £250m in Q1 FY23

  • On track to achieve £1b+ target in full year £m’s REFOCUS STATUS Q1 REFOCUS PERFORMANCE M A R K E T P E R F O R M A N C E - £100m value contribution in Q1 750

  • Higher sophistication in data-led pricing decisions has driven improved profitability 1,000

  • Continuedfocusonmaterialcosts and mitigation of the ongoing chip 250 supply constraints • £20m labour cost saving through Agile transformation activities

  • N - Key enablerunderpinning all pillars on Refocus • Continue growth of Digital team and capability supporting initiatives 1,500 FY22 enterprise wide 1,500

  • JLR – Strong Liquidity profile Q1

  • Expect significant improvement in sales, profit and cash flow over FY23 Supported by improving chip visibility and RR/RR Sport ramp up PRIORITIES AND OUTLOOK FOR FY23 - Improved visibility of chip supply through senior supplier engagement including partnership agreements combined with ramp up of new Range Rover and new Range Rover Sport •

  • Improving wholesales in Q2 (c.90k) and continuing over the financial year - Refocus savings, including price increases, of £1bn+ to offset cost inflation - Aim to deliver significant positive EBIT margin (5%) and positive free cash flows (£1b) in the full year LONGER TERM TARGETS - Reimagine, our strategy to deliver the future of modern luxury to our clients and to achieve net zero carbon emissions across supply chain, products and operations by 2039, continues at pace - Free cash flow improvements with near zero net debt in FY24 - EBIT margin to double digits by FY26

  • Making strides in developing offerings Ltd’ for undertaking urban mass mobility business hydrogen fuel cell technology Launched over 80 new products and 120 Launched Ace EV to promote green and variants across segments in FY22 smart transport solution, order bank of 39,000 vehicles on day of launch

  • FY22 Revenues higher y-o-y due to improved mix and pricing, margins impacted by commodity inflation

  • 22 and 42.5% in Q1 FY23 • Stable commodity prices aided margins improvement in Q1

  • TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Ltd. Digital  Delivered ~100 electric buses in Q1 - TML-Smart city mobility solutions ltd.

  • FCEV Bus order from IOCL under Transport corp; cumulatively managing analytics enhancement under final user execution and first milestone 450+ E-buses, with 96% uptime testing.

  • Launch in Aug’22 completed successfully • Declared L1 for the largest global tender of  Forayed into cargo E-mobility with 5450 e-buses with CESL tender and entitled - Driving deeper penetration, and active usage through extensive dealer and customer launch of ACE EV.

  • Received letter of allocation (LOA) signed from DTC of 1500 buses - E-dukaan, online spare parts marketplace, - Revenue attributable to this business in Q1 continues to grow revenue, +26% vs Q4 FY22

  • Products and Other Highlights $1 BN fund raise in its Passenger Electric Power packed, PUNCH India’s first

  • Strong turnaround continues, EBIT breakeven delivered in Q4 FY 22 and Q1 FY23, FCF positive in FY22 and Q1 FY23

  • Profitability - Record revenues and growth led by highest ever annual sales in FY22 •

  • Margin recovery led by strong revenue growth, positive mix and realizations •

  • Strong demand for “New Forever” range and agile actions taken on the supply side driving volumes growth •

  • EBIT breakeven achieved.

  • Strong 750 Bps improvement in EBIT in FY22.

  • EV continues to build strong momentum • PV delivers positive free cash flows in FY22 and Q1 FY23.

  • Business - Strong improvement in domestic PV+EV market share (8.2% in FY21, expected to remain self sustaining despite step up in investments 12.1% in FY22 and 14.3% in Q1 FY23) from FY23 24

  • We remain committed to consistent, competitive, cash accretive growth whilst deleveraging the business Outlook (FY23) - Demand to remain strong despite worries on inflation, geo-political situation.

  • Chip supply to improve further from Q2 FY23; Cooling commodity prices to aid improvement in underlying margins.

  • Aim to deliver strong improvement in EBIT and free cash flows from Q2 FY23 onwards.

  • Continue to grow market shares across segments performance improvement with Q2 at c. 90k

  • Restore double digit EBITDA margins - Implement price increases and Refocus actions to recover cost • Successfully launch and drive penetration of new business models.

  • inflation - Successful launch and deliveries of the New Range Rover and PV • Continue to deliver market beating growth Range Rover Sport - Sustain profitability and cash flow improvement measures.

  • - Achieve 5% EBIT margin and £1bn positive free cash flows in EV •

  • Invest proactively to step-up EV penetration with exciting new FY23 launches and accelerating the creation of the ecosystem.

  •  Part of salt-to-software conglomerate Tata group, operating in more  Globally recognized iconic premium brands than 100 countries across six continents  One of India’s largest Automobile company; One of India’s Top Private Sector companies, with a market cap of ~£16.7 Billion (1)  Strong global footprint with vehicle sales in over 125 countries  Largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India  Strong presence in premium segments with record order banks of c. 200,000 vehicles  Top 3 passenger vehicle manufacturer in India  Significant cost reduction initiatives and reduced breakeven points to generate EBIT and FCF improvement  Front runner in electric vehicles segment in India with 88% market  “Reimagine” strategy accelerating electrical transformation and share in Q1 FY23 supporting vision of modern luxury

Negative 11
  • Jaguar Land Rover has, over the past three fiscal years, earned around 2.5% of revenue on average each year from Russia and Ukraine, but has suspended vehicle exports to Russia.

  • PBT (bei) (2.6) (3.5) (0.7) 0.4 (6.4) 3.3 (5.0) FCF (Auto) (18.2) (3.2) 4.0 7.9 (9.5) 5.3 (9.8) Volume & Revenue Profitability Cash Flow • FY 22 margins impacted by commodity - Sequential improvement in volumes inflation and supply chain issues.

  • - FY 22 and Q1 FY 23, auto free cash flow in FY 22 negative , primarily due to adverse - Margins improve sequentially in FY22 with working capital • Q1 FY 23 volumes constrained by volumes and profit actions.

  • Q1 FY23 profitability impacted by adverse lockdowns mix at JLR, adverse FX and commodities MTM

  • FY22: Revenue £ 18,320m, EBITDA 10.3%, PBT(bei) £ (412)m Lower volumes, lower capitalization and inflation impacting margins despite favourable mix and VME

  • FY22 & Q1 FY23 Performance highlights - FY22 Volumes remain constrained by semiconductor supply Volume & •

  • Q1 FY 23 volumes further constrained by slower than expected new Range Rover / Range Rover Sport ramp up, and

  • Revenue China Covid lockdowns - Order bank grows further to c. 200,000 units • FY 22 profitability impacted by semiconductor shortages, lower capitalisation, end of furlough, other costs and revaluation, offset by lower VME

  • Profitability • Q1 FY23 Loss before tax of £(524)m, excluding an exceptional £155m pensions benefit but including £(236)million unfavourable FX and commodity revaluation year on year •

  • Cash Flow capital outflow •

  • PBT (bei) (0.4) (0.1) (0.2) 0.6 (0.1) (0.5) 0.3 Volume & Revenue Profitability • Rebound in volumes in FY22 lead by MHCV after a decline over 2 years - FY 22 EBITDA lower 50 bps Y-o-Y, impacted on account of commodity headwinds.

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