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Investor Presentation on Q1 FY23 on Financial Results for the quarter ended June 30, 2022

about 1 month ago



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Positive 36
  • Rs 198 cr Rs 361 cr Rs 28 cr Rs 61 cr Rs 12 cr Rs 34 cr 14.0% margin 16.8% margin STARTS FY23 ON A STRONG NOTE IMPROVED QUARTERLY EARNINGS GROWTH CONSOLIDATED EPS (In Rs)

  •  Consolidated domestic and exports sales continue RECORDS BEST EVER QUARTERLY its growth trend, growing by 102% and 65% YoY. PERFORMANCE  Healthy balance sheet with holistic improvement RECORD OPERATING LEVELS in return and leverage metrics.

  • HIGHEST QUARTERLY SALES, EBITDA, EBITDA MARGIN, PAT AND PAT MARGIN  Expansion in EBITDA margin despite power cut measures taken by the states in Q1.


  •  Interest coverage at 5x  Strong return metrics SOUND 

  • Reduced interest costs consistently  Improved internal accruals FINANCIAL HEALTH

  • Focused on consistently delivering sustainable performance 7 Consolidated Return on 28% 14% Consolidated Return on 34% 19% 34%

  • Long standing relationships with domestic and overseas marquee customers.

  • Global Reach  Consolidated export turnover grew by 3x in last 6 years as a result of operational flexibility and improved quality, meeting export requirements.

  •  The usage of chromium chemicals in several industries is boosting the market growth Industry demand drivers due to the benefits of untarnished, uniform and corrosion-resistant properties.

  • Over the last few fears, the company has diversified its revenue profile with presence in both domestic and export markets.

  • Strengthened export market to help us increase market share Doubled export turnover since FY17.

  • existing plant, which will lead to - Q1FY23 was the first full quarter of operations of our backward integration unit, increase in capacity by nearly operating at upwards of 50% utilisation levels 10,000 TPA amid an expected Environmental benefit: surge in demand.

  • Significant cost reduction.

  • From being a loss making facility during the acquisition in 2015, today the Barium subsidiary makes significant contribution to consolidated profits.

  • And now the focus is to grow our emerge as one of the leading market share with higher volumes manufacturers globally.

  • which would lead to operating leverage and better profitability.

  • The construction and real estate industries have witnessed significant growth in Industry demand drivers emerging economies.

  • The rising preference for luxury living has increased the demand for ceramic tiles, which has fueled the demand for barium carbonate.

  •  China’s internal consumption of baryte has Highest quality of product: The company produces the best increased in drilling in their Oil & Gas industry.

  •  Chinese currency has largely appreciated over the last 10 years.

  • Strong presence in domestic and export markets: Exports contributes 50%+ to sales compared to 15% in FY16.

  • •Highest Operating Levels Ever.

  • •Domestic and exports sales grew by 22% and 84% respectively in the last 12 months, despite pandemic induced disruptions globally.

  • Growth Drivers: IN PROGRESS  Commenced operations at brownfield expansion in  Diversification: Brownfield expansion to Barium Chemicals in Q4FY22.

  • Achieved 10%+ higher production on a QoQ basis.

  • Barium portfolio diversification and better margins driven by import substitution  For remaining part of FY23, operating levels are theme.

  • expected to improve.

  •  Expect savings of ~15% on energy costs per month.


  • Continuous improvement in the quality of products by improving the process performance.

  •  Installation of high quality control equipments ensures enhanced performance and productivity.

  • Positive of delivering  Leading position in India, operating in a market industry leading value with substantial barriers to entry.

  •  Demonstrated ability to pass the rise in input prices and freight costs.

  • Flexible product mix leading to consistent flow of requirement from different sectors.

  •  All of our plants are operating and we are continuing to meet our customer needs.

Negative 2
  • The realisations per tonne have increased and are likely to sustain due to following reasons: Turned around ailing business segment post acquisition

  • baryte in 2014 compared to USD 114 M in 2021.

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In Rs CrQ1FY23Q1FY22Y-o-Y changeQ4FY22Q-o-Q changeFY22FY21Y-o-Y change
Total Revenues36119883%3368%107568258%
EBITDA Margin16.8%14.0%+273 bps15.8%+92 bps15.0%11.8%+317 bps
PAT Margin9.4%5.9%+357 bps8.5%+91 bps7.6%5.1%+251 bps
EPS in Rs.28.59.7194%23.919%68.128.8136%
In Rs CrQ1FY23Q1FY22Y-o-Y changeQ4FY22Q-o-Q changeFY22FY21Y-o-Y change
Total Revenues30616289%2934%91357758%
EBITDA Margin16.9%12.5%+438 bps16.5%+36 bps14.5%11.1%+343 bps
PAT Margin9.6%4.3%+ 529 bps9.3%+26 bps7.1%3.9%+320 bps
EPS in Rs.24.55.8322 %22.97%54.619.1187%
Consolidated Return on34%
In Rs CrFY16FY22
EBITDA Margin-12%17%
PAT Margin-28%9%
Debt to Equity ratio3.20.8
Interest coverage-3x9x
Gross Fixed asset turnover ratio0.51.6
% change y-o-y56%
EBITDA Margin16%17%
Less: Tax-7
Consistent Dividend Track Record

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