Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Investor Presentation

In continuation to our letter dated September 12, 2022, please find enclosed herewith the Investor's Presentation which will be made during RPG Annual Investor Conference 2022.

8 days ago



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  • Solid capabilities and rich ethos Continuous evolution with momentum Service lines expanded; leadership strengthened Experience-led engineering core Integrated experience, design, engineering, data Strong war chest $163.5M cash, zero debt

  • Grew 26.3% YOY CC in Q1FY23

  • Improved client mix 2,047 net addition

  • Headcount 26.3% 50+ Q1FY22 Q1FY23 YoY CC 38.4% 33.3% new logos 9,512 growth in 5 quarters Q1FY23 Q1FY22 Q1FY23 11,559 Revamped fresher City of San Diego Renewed brand Expanded delivery program

  • Strengthened engineering 1,600+ freshers in FY22 $122M deal win First in 20 years Kolkata and Columbia and data capabilities added

  • YoY Services FY22 growth / Experience-led engineering resonating strongly

  • Notable strides in digital and cloud

  • Engineering YoY engineering; footprint in most of our deals FY22 Services growth / Bolstered data engineering services; significant uptick in momentum Data FY21 121.9% Engineering & FY22 YoY /

  • Strong traction in Salesforce across Platforms (SaaS)

  • Key updates Key updates Steadied ship; Consistent growth Leadership Amplification in 8 quarters of Continued strong traction in momentum; augmentated; BFSI and Consumer consecutive momentum; strong

  • Emerging vertical marquee logos strong results Services growth; expansion local brand added in continental Europe

  • Enhanced experience for millions of ⁄ Generated $225M additional online time by 40% customers; increased conversion by revenue and reduced operational cost by 1.5% 25%

  • Helped client collate 100+ data feeds and recommendations for accurate and ⁄ Improved efficiency, lowered costs and handle transaction volume of greater relevant offerings safeguarded city and citizen’s data than $100B per month ⁄

  • Achieved a 15% increase in e-commerce ⁄

  • Major Contender and Star Major Contender and Star Major Contender in Insurance 60+ recognitions Performer in Digital Interactive Performer in Artificial Intelligence Platforms IT Services Experience (IX) Services 2022 Services Assessment 2021 Assessment 2021 from leading analysts

  • Our strategy remains robust, unchanged, and on track

  • We will continue our intensified focus on execution to drive resilience in our business and create headroom for growth 1 Improve service mix 4 Optimize pyramid

  • Client experience Thrust on margin 2 Improve commercials 5 Optimize support costs transformation improvement 3 Improve utilization 6 Optimize cost of talent acquisition Tuck-in acquisitions to augment services and

  • Continued push on vertical capabilities talent transformation 1 Expanded talent reach, 3 Connectedness/ accelerated fresher engagement program 2 Large-scale skill 4 Expanded delivery Multi-service line Sustained focus on transformation footprint solutions targeting growth resilience industry-specific needs

  • Environment Social Governance Carbon Emissions Happiness Governance and Compliance Net-zero GHG emissions by FY40 Increase Happiness Index Score to 82 ⁄ Code of conduct training by FY25 compliance @ 100% Energy Consumption ⁄

  • Commitment to data privacy Achieve 80 average hours of training per compliance associate by FY30

Negative 1
  • FY22 YoY geographies decline /

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