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  • 146.41 Lakhs, an increase in gross margins Lakhs, with margins at 8.83% increasing 57% YoY basis and from 26.11% in Q4FY22 to driven by an increase in Gross declining 321% QoQ basis.

  • Exports revenues increased EBITDA at ₹ 79.53 Lakhs PAT stood at ₹ 18% on QoQ basis and 21% for Q1FY223.

  • During the quarter Davaindia has Davaindia has led the revolution of Davaindia retail pharmacy stores’ catered to the highest-ever number of patients opting for generic medicines focus continues to be chronic ailments customer i.e. 6.43 lakhs against 6.42 against branded counterparts.

  • aiding the overall growth of at 248 against 267 in the previous Davaindia's business model.

  • The company has adopted various A higher number of SKU’s i.e. 1,653 aggressively, in Q1FY23, the Company advertisements, marketing, and has enabled Davaindia to better serve rolled-out 19 COCO stores on a base promotional channels like Print, TV, customers across all segments.

  • also rolled out additional 40 FOFO exercise that begun to gain traction stores, taking the total FOFO count to and has led to footfall & wallet share 537, and the total store count to 573.

  • increase among its users.

  • However, the dispatches have picked up during the balance quarter, and operations have normalised.

  • Work on new product registrations is progressing well, and the Company’s marketing team is aggressively working on lead generation for recently registered products.

  • The response for COCO stores is particularly good, and the Company will keep expanding in this category.

  • To conclude, your Company is fully geared up to capture the tremendous opportunity of the generic pharmacies in India.”

  • Pariyojana has marked its presence in almost every district of India by covering 732 districts out of 734.

  • In the financial year (2019-20), PMBJP has achieved sales of ₹258 crores (at MRP), up to 30-11-2019.

  • This has led to savings of approximately ₹1,800 crores of the common citizens of the country.

  • Higher per capita •

  • Growing incidence 92 94 85 hospitals income of non- - Government communicable - Higher number of • Rising insurance initiatives diseases doctors penetration - Growing - Cost advantage of urbanization India

Negative 12
  • The sales contribution from decline in Revenues in decline of 36% YoY and 23% new-age business stood at Q1FY22, primarily on account QoQ, while exports 61% in Q1FY23 as compared of lower Domestic Sales and performance continues to to 53% in Q4FY22 and 46% in flat Dava India Sales.

  • suffer due to prolonged Q1FY22.

  • container shortages, logistical challenges and rising lead times.

  • PAT stood at ₹ a decline of 13.60% QoQ and Lakhs for Q1FY23.

  • on account of lower dispatch due to warehouse shifting.

  • 41.17 Lakhs for YoY at ₹ 766.64 Lakhs in Q1FY23.

  • Total GMV of Davaindia Stores stood at 1,595 Lakhs during Q1FY23 down 7% QoQ

  • As of – Cardiac, Diabetic, Thyroid, among lakhs in the previous quarter.

  • Commenting on Q1FY23 financial performance and operational highlights, Management Team of Zota Health Care said, “Zota Health Care’s Q1FY23 performance was subdued due to lower dispatches on the Domestic sales front.

  • Due to the shifting at the new warehouse & getting accustomed to new systems, the Company witnessed slower dispatches in April.

  • Thus, both Dava India and Domestic business sales were lower than expected during Q1FY23.

  • On the Export front, the Company continues to face supply-chain and logistic issues, which is expected to continue for another quarter.

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